Time to Sleep: This Health Shake Will Put You Down!

As more and more studies point to stress as one of the main causes of insomnia, it makes sense that we try to do everything in our power to calm our nerves and provide ourselves with a little more peace and relaxation. However, the stresses and anxieties that accompany everyday life make this a real challenge, which sometimes may feel like a "lost battle" for us.


The good news is that often the secret to achieving a quiet soul and a good sleep depends not only on our control of the myriad of thoughts running through our heads but also on our diet. The even better news is that you can achieve this goal in tasty and nutritious ways such as the next health shake, which you can add to your daily menu and start waking up refreshed every morning.

health shake

The shake ingredients that will help you sleep well and continuously

This wonderful shake can be easily prepared with the following ingredients available in every grocery store. The potency of the drink stems from their combination because each of them is commonly attributed to various functions that relax the body, help the processes of falling asleep and improve the digestion process, which can sometimes be the cause of the discomfort that prevents us from falling asleep and waking us up in the middle of the night.


Apples are the kind of fruit that we usually eat at lunch or as a mid-morning healthy snack to get our wheels turning, but you should try to incorporate them in the evening before going to bed. The reason for this is the vitamin C content of the apple, a vitamin that has been extensively studied and found to be effective in its ability to improve the production of a hormone called melatonin, a hormone that promotes good mood and has an important role in the body's process of falling asleep. Also, apples are rich in dietary fiber that facilitates the digestive process, which can sometimes cause us great discomfort.

health shake


Have you ever noticed a white liquid leaking out of your lettuce while cutting it? Well, this liquid is called Lactucarium. This ingredient has been known to have a calming effect on the nervous system of the body, an effect similar to that of the opium plant, only at lower levels and without harming the body. In addition, lettuce contains various dietary fibers that help improve digestion process and prevent discomfort that may interfere with continuous sleep at night.


Insomnia is considered one of the many different symptoms that indicate a severe shortage of magnesium in our bodies. A wonderful way replenish our magnesium levels is by eating cucumbers and especially their peel, which is considered a good source of this mineral. Magnesium helps to promote the production of melatonin, a hormone that allows for a deeper and more relaxed sleep, and at the same time relaxes muscles and helps to calm the body.

health shake


The sweet taste of honey is not the only reason why it should be incorporated into our wonderful drink. For hundreds of years, honey has been associated with a calming effect on the body, with the explanation for its contribution to the production of sleep hormone melatonin - which we’ve already discussed its benefits. Besides, honey excels in maintaining glycogen levels, a polysaccharide produced in the liver which is a major energy source for the body. During sleep, the body’s glycogen levels decrease because we don’t eat at night, which may stimulate the brain to look for a restock of it, and honey has the ability to prevent this efficiently and naturally.


How to make the shake

Now that we’ve learned about the ingredients and their positive effect on our night's sleep, it is time to learn how to make the drink that will not only bring us a deep sleep but also enrich our daily menu with its nutritional value and wonderful taste.

health shake

•   1 apple cut into quarters, cored and seeded
•   3 lettuce leaves
•   1 cucumber (not peeled)
•   1 cup water
•   1 tablespoon honey (raw and unprocessed honey)
•   1 teaspoon cinnamon powder

1. Put the water, honey, apple, cucumber, and lettuce into the blender.
2. Blend the ingredients for several seconds until a smooth and uniform mixture is obtained.
3. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to enrich the taste of the shake and blend again.
4. It is recommended to drink the shake about three hours before bedtime to really feel its effects.
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