Drink Your Way to Better Immunity with These 5 Teas

Tea has been around for thousands of centuries, and there's a good reason why. Numerous studies show that traditional tea made from Camellia sinensis leaves is not only a soothing warm drink, but it may also help ward off cancer, type 2 diabetes, and arthritis. 

This brew was once considered an official medicine in ancient Chinese culture. While it is still a component of today's herbal remedies, these days you'll find hundreds of different teas that are said to fight various diseases. Warm tea has also been proven to stimulate the digestive system as well as boost immunity, ease stress and enhance physical endurance.
Sip on the five teas below to help boost your health: 

1. Oolong tea

Health benefit: weight loss

According to research, drinking oolong tea may give your metabolism a boost and increase the body's energy levels. This lightly fermented black tea can help you shed a few pounds by increasing the number of calories you burn. While the reasons for this aren't completely known, scientists think the caffeine and flavanols, typically found in black and green teas may work as fat-burning agents. This tea is often served in Chinese restaurants. It's got a sweet and fruity taste that is good served both hot or cold. One serving generally yields around 75mg of caffeine, about half the amount in a cup of coffee. So, whether you are looking for a little pick-me-up or something to supplement your weight loss regime, steep some of this tea.
Here's How: Place 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons of oolong tea in a pot or cup, either directly or in an infuser. Pour 6 ounces pre-boiled water over the tea leaves. Steep anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes. 

2. Peppermint and holy basil tea

Health benefit: liver protection and immunity

This minty tea is refreshing and can be enjoyed steaming or chilled. The peppermint will help relax the stomach, while the holy basil (tulsi) is a super herb widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. Deemed the mother medicine of nature, tulsi has a broad array of healing property ranges from preventing infections to taming anxiety. Numerous studies show that holy basil can also protect the liver and kidneys from damage caused by ingesting pesticides and industrial chemicals, sometimes found in fruits and vegetables. 
Here's How: To make the tea, boil the water and pour a teaspoon of holy basil leaves. Allow to steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Holy basil pairs well with other extras including a blend of herbs such as peppermint, lemon or ginger, or a dash of honey!

3. Rhodiola tea

Health benefit: improved endurance and exercise recovery
If you suffer from anxiety, Rhodiola tea is a great place to start. Studies have also found it to increase endurance and quicker exercise recovery time. The tea doesn't contain caffeine so it will leave you feeling energized without suffering from an energy crash later on. Its flavor is subtle, with hints of rose. 
Here's How: Once the roots are dried and ground, 5 grams of finely chopped Rhodiola root can be steeped in hot water. If you have a steeper, you can prepare the tea with that, if not, pack tea bags with the root. The water should be hot, but the roots should not be exposed to temperatures higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit, as it can damage the active ingredients in the root. Usually, the tea is left to steep for extended periods of time. 

4. Seaweed tea

Health benefit: essential mineral boost
While you may have eaten seaweed before, have you ever given much thought to drinking it? Seaweed offers the broadest range of minerals in comparison to other food. It contains thyroid-protecting iodine, immune-boosting vitamin C and energizing iron. Brewing it will enable you to take advantage of its nutritional benefits. It also contains about 60 trace minerals essential for the human body. Regular intake of seaweed maintains hair health and promotes growth. 
Tip: Your best bet would be to find edible seaweed tea from a health store and follow package instructions. 

5. Apple cider vinegar tea

Health benefit: blood sugar control
Apple cider vinegar has been used for just about anything. It can be used to eliminate blemishes or to lose weight, alongside many other things. It has been touted as a natural cure-all and perhaps one of its biggest perks is that it can lower blood sugar when consumed with starchy foods, making it a helpful tool for those managing type 2 diabetes. One drawback is that it's highly acidic and may possibly damage your tooth enamel. For this reason, it's best diluted with water, and preparing it as a tea. 
Here's How: Combine and stir 1 cup warm water, 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 teaspoon cinnamon and a dash of cayenne. 
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