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Collection: The Prettiest Sand and Ice Sculptures

 You never see ice and sand sculptures in the same place. That is, of course, because they require snow, something that, when occurs, turns sand to sludge. And yet these two art forms are similar in many ways; they take a natural substance and use it to build temporary works of 3D art. That said, the process is the opposite. One is built up in sand while the other is cut away in ice, a process that requires quite different skills. Have a look at one of the largest collection of ice and sand sculptures online - all right below! Click on any of them to see some beautiful examples of these arts.
You might have seen the odd ice swan at a wedding or some other event and thought "Hey, that's pretty neat", but ice/snow-sculpting is an amazing form of art, made more special by its transitory nature. You won't find cooler creations anywhere!
The city of Harbin, located in northern China, is the home of the world’s largest ice and snow festival in the world. The festival begins on January 5th and lasts for a month, though if weather permits, the sculptures stay up longer. The festival started in 1963 and was mainly a local attraction, but slowly it began to draw in an international crowd. After seeing these images, you’ll understand why.
The amazing sand sculptures that you’re about to see are the incredible work of Japanese artist Toshihiko Hosaka. He has been making sculptures out of sand for over 20 years and recently won first prize at the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival in Taiwan earlier this month. His winning entry (the first picture) and some of his other fantastic work can be seen inside.
If you love both nature and art, then you've sure come to the right place! This is because you're about to discover a brilliant collection of sand art, brought to you by the talented artist, Tim Hoekstra. The time and effort put into each piece of artwork are staggering, but the end result is simply marvelous!

Watch these Beautiful Ice Sculptures

Ice sculpting is a form of sculpture that uses ice as the raw material. Sculptures from ice can be abstract or realistic and can be functional or purely decorative. Ice sculptures are generally associated with special or extravagant events because of their limited lifetime​.
 Ice sculptures have been a common decorative tool at weddings, galas and other types of events. However, these artists make use of the most natural form of this chilly resource, building masterpieces from the thousands of snowflakes we are dreading. Talk about making the best of a frosty situation! We’ve collected these 25 photos so you can enjoy the beauty of snow from the warmth of your home.
An epic collection of the most impressive, skilled creations in sand sculpting. These are all contest winners or runner ups from the last 3 years of sand sculpting tournaments from around the globe. It's amazing what people can do with some wet sand and a whole lot of creativity!
Susan Russel may have studied biology at university, but her passion was in a very different direction. The talented Dutch artist started sculpting in sand in 2003, while she was still a student and quickly fell in love with the magic of creating wonderful sand sculptures. She didn't stop there and went on to sculpt in snow, ice, foam, and cement, but her greatest love is for her sandy creations! 
Art has an endless amount of faces. It is as varied as the human condition, and so we as humans find ways to make art out of practically anything we can. Snow, however, has been used to create art for centuries. From snowmen with carrots as noses to these amazing marvels of sculpting you see before you.

The Beautiful 3D Beach Art of Jamie Harkins

This is the work of one Jamie Harkins, a talented NZ artist who has been creating these terrific optical illusions and 3D images on the beaches of New Zealand, which have kept beachgoers amused and delighted. His technique is similar to that used by street artists to convey depth and fooling us into seeing a 2-dimensional scene as a 3-dimensional one.  

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