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11 Biotin Rich Foods for Strengthening Hair and Nails

 Our bodies need various nutrients, vitamins and minerals to function properly. Biotin, which is a B vitamin, plays a vital role in cellular respiration, and the body can actually suffer damage if it doesn't get enough of it. Biotin is essential for maintaining healthy hair and nails, and it's important that adults get their recommended daily intake of 30 mcg per day to keep them looking their best. The following foods are rich in biotin:

1. Almonds

A quarter-cup of almonds has 15 mcg of biotin, which is half the recommended daily amount, so adding them to your breakfast or eating them as an afternoon healthy snack will mean that you're halfway there! 


2. Sweet potatoes

This wonderful vegetable can serve as a base for various soups and dishes. It's also increasingly being used as a low-fat replacement for traditional potato fries. In addition, one cup of sweet potato contains about 8 mcg of biotin, which is about one-third of the recommended daily intake of this vitamin. Sweet potatoes also contain significant amounts of vitamin C, copper and fiber, which enhance the strength of hair and nails.


3. Oats

Oatmeal can be consumed in a range of different ways, such soaked or cooked fresh in the morning, or preparing homemade energy bars. In addition to tasting wonderful, oatmeal also contains quite a bit of biotin. A quarter of an ounce contains some 8 grams of it - about 25% of the recommended daily intake. If you don't eat oatmeal regularly,  then you should definitely consider adding it to your diet. 


4. Eggs

Eggs are a favorite ingredient for breakfast and lunch around the world, and are an excellent source of biotin. Just ensure that you cook egg whites through properly, as this helps biotin absorption in the body.This One cooked egg will supply you with 25 mcg of biotin, which will definitely give you strong, long and healthy nails.


5. Onions

One cup of freshly-chopped onions contains 8 mcg of biotin, so you could easily contribute to your recommended daily biotin intake just by adding onions to your evening meal


6. Tomatoes

There is nothing like the taste of fresh tomatoes in a salad, or the aroma they add to sauces and a wide variety of different and loved dishes. In addition to their unique look and wonderful taste, tomatoes can provide you with a good amount of biotin, with one cup containing 24% of the recommended daily intake, regardless of whether you consume them raw or cooked. 


7. Peanuts

If you enjoy snacking on peanuts, you'll be pleased to know that a quarter-cup of them contains 6.4 mcg of biotin.

Peanuts can be added to a variety of foods from salads to desserts. It can also be spread on bread. Try using a natural peanut butter spread if you want to eat peanuts in this manner because it will be free from additives and sugar. It will also provide you with a more concentrated form of biotin.


8. Carrots

Carrots, beyond being healthy for our skin, also have an amazing effect on our hair and nails. The beta-carotene in the carrots is responsible for improving and restoring the skin and hair. One cup of the popular orange vegetable contains 6 mcg of biotin - some 20% of the recommended daily intake - so try and incorporate a few carrots into your diet where you can. 


9. Spinach

Spinach has become one of the most popular leafy vegetables in recent years, especially after people have discovered its many health benefits. One serving (about 30 grams) of frozen spinach leaves contains 7 mcg of biotin. Add spinach to your daily diet by making pies, salads and healthy shakes. Go on - your hair and nails will thank you. 


10. Halibut

White halibut, which can be purchased frozen or fresh, is one of the best sources of biotin, regardless of how you cook it. A serving of 30-50 grams of halibut (depending on the quality of the fish) contains an impressive 10.2 mcg of biotin, which means that a 100g serving of halibut will provide you with the recommended daily intake of biotin, as well as a hefty amount of Omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium. These ingredients further serve to strengthen your hair and nails, ensuring that they remain healthy regardless of your age.


11. Avocado

The avocado fruit, which many refer to as a vegetable, is often enjoyed in sandwiches and salads. In addition to tasting great, a medium-sized avocado contains up to 6 mcg of biotin. Thanks to the biotin content of avocado, you can strengthen your hair and nails naturally and enjoy a variety of health benefits, such as improved skin appearance and better digestion.

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