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Scientists Cannot Explain These Diseases

 Medical science has improved drastically over the years. We have found treatments for the Black Death, created a vaccine for chicken pox, and we’ve completely eradicated diseases such as smallpox and rinderpest. With all this in mind, you’d think we are on top of our game, but there are still a number of diseases that science just cannot explain.


These mysterious illnesses range from epidemics dating back to the 1500s, to illnesses that once attacked cows and now attack humans. Some are comical in nature, while others are incurable, horrifying, and fatal. We may never find out the causes of these illnesses, but extensive research is ongoing, and for some of these, we can only hope to find the answers soon.

Of course, what we know right now is still fascinating. So, read on to take a look at a number of strange diseases that science doesn’t understand…yet!

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