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Every Action Has An Equal and Opposite Reaction

A man was in a bar with his buddies, recounting the events of the previous week.


It was payday the previous Friday, so he had decided to stay out with his friends for a spot of drinking. An evening out turned into a whole weekend of partying, and he only returned home on Sunday night, to bear his wife's inevitable wrath.

“My wife wasn’t too pleased that I didn’t show up for a whole weekend,” he said.

“What did she say to you?” asked his buddies.

“Well, she just nagged for what seemed like an eternity, then at one point, she asked me how I’d like it if I didn’t see her for two or three days,” he replied.

“And what did you say?” they asked.

“I told her it would be fine by me!”

“So did she leave?”

"Well no, she didn’t leave, but the joke’s on her. On the third day, my left eye opened up a little bit."

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