Which Philosophy Do You Practice?

They may be a bunch of old men. At least, that's how the world remembers them. But each of the great Greek philosophers started out just like everyone else, looking at the world with curiosity - and the desire to understand it. Though they lived thousands of years ago, their impact upon the world of thought still resounds strong with each generation that reads their writings. Know it or not, you are probably following some form of their philosophy without even realizing it. Answer the following questions, however, and we may be able to tell you which of them you follow!
Do you believe in life after death?
I like the idea of it
When we're dead...we're dead
I don't really think about these sorts of things
Which club would you have joined in high school?
Debate team
Gay/Straight Alliance
Chess Club
What's your favorite tv show?
Law and Order
The Simpsons
You find 100$ on the ground, what do you do?
Put it in your savings account
Donate it to charity
Look around you to see if anyone is looking for their missing money, then pocket it
Go on a shopping spree
Which animal do you most look forward to seeing at the zoo?
The bat cave
What kind of lawyer would you be?
Which frozen treat looks most delicious to you?
Your brother is addicted to drugs, but he's fine with it. What is your response?
As long as he's fine with it and it's not ruining his life, I'm ok with it
I will offer him to stay with me until he can kick the habit
I will offer him understanding and kindness and encourage him to have the courage to go to rehab
I will make sure he goes to rehab if he likes it or not, even if by force
Who is the most noble?
The mother who sacrifices everything for her baby
The king who fights in the very front of his army
The hermit who devotes his life to faith and worship
The person who devotes their life to the study of healing
None of these people are truly noble
Your son is convicted on something you know they did not do. What do you do?
Anything to break them out of prison. Even illegal
I fight through proper channels
I will do the state do what it must, this is the system I am a part of
Socrates gets you
Socrates understands you, and would have you as a friend. You have the traits he admires and like: Courage, temperance and wisdom. For him, these were some of the greatest virtues a person could have. You are one who admires justice, courage of conviction and the wisdom and temperance to screen these through the social links of society. You have learned these virtues to be true, and to express them with grace.
Plato gets you
Plato is the most gentle and sensitive of all the philosophers. He was more interested in the metaphysical nature of things rather than looking at cold, hard evidence. He believed in the simple virtue of goodness. Be kind and good to others, for that is the greatest virtue. But you must do more than just be kind, you must seek out the good, search for it, see where you can bring good to the world. This is the part of you that resonates with Plato's teachings.
Aristotle gets you
According to Aristotle, eudaimonia is the proper goal of human life. It consists of exercising the characteristic human quality—reason—as the soul's most proper and nourishing activity. You love reason, but you temper it with the emotional reason Aristotle supported, mainly courage to stand for what is right and kindness to others. In addition, you embrace freedom of choice and freedom in others, like Aristotle believed all must have.
Pythagoras gets you
You might recognize Pythagoras from the Pythagorean theorem from math class. While most of us know him mainly from those famous triangles of his, he was also a great philosopher in his day, even known as "the father of philosophy" in some circles. Pythagoras prescribed a highly structured way of life. Pythagoreans believed that body and soul functioned together, and a healthy body required a healthy psyche. In other words, you are a person who should subscribe to a healthy and regimented way of life, taking care of both body and mind systematically.
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