Which Gem Are You Inside?

Just like rare gems, humans also emerge into the world in a relatively raw way. Throughout life we undergo a polishing that shapes our image and qualities and sets us apart as people in society. All gems are characterized and interpreted differently in terms of the effects that many attribute to them. Therefore, it's time for you to find out which gemstone has the same characteristics you have, and we have the perfect way for you to do that.
What kind of trip do you enjoy the most?
Somewhere wild, away from civilization
A luxury hotel
Volunteering at a 3rd world country
Organized tour with a rich group of tourists
Which of these words do you feel the most connection to?
Which habit hurts you the most?
Making snap decisions
Needing too much attention
Putting the needs of others above my own
Which of lines these speaks to you most?
If you can't get through the door, use the window
You only live once
Saving a life is saving a world
Think before you act
Choose the photo that most caught your attention
What kind of person do you want to be remembered as 50 years from now?
Social or opinion leader
Artist or entertainer
There's a product you really want to purchase, but it's expensive. What do you do?
Work extra hours, save and buy it
That's what payments are for
If it comes at the expense of essential things then no
I'll wait for a better price, one must have patience
Which profession do you believe you'd be especially good at?
Lawyer or business person
Guide or artist
Teacher or doctor
Banker or scientist
Which of these cars is the closest to your dream vehicle?
What is your first reaction to having to do a group project?
I prefer doing things my own way
The more the merrier
It's a good opportunity for me to help others
Sharing the burden helps us all
What, in your opinion, is the weakest trait a person can have?
Careless with money
Which of these landscape photos do you find most attractive?
Just like the ruby - which radiates power with its strong red color, so are you a strong person, self-assured, goal-oriented and practical. You have a strong personality that makes you determined to get your goals, and you have a high bar for what being a 'winner' is. Sometimes you make snap decisions that turn out to be wrong, but you'd rather make wrong decisions than no decisions at all. For you the motto is: "If you want something done right, do it yourself."
Wiener Edelstein Zentrum
As a sapphire, you have a strong will to enjoy life and make the most of it. You're a socially apt person and feel most 'at home' when you're a part of something. You enjoy being the center of attention or a social leader, tell stories and make people laugh. You are spontaneous, and you don't do a lot of planning before you do things. However, that is part of what makes you a creative person, you just need someone to keep you on track now and again. What gets you up in the morning is the simple will to live life to the fullest.
People with a pearl in their heart live life to help others. You're a considerate, empathetic person who is the furthest from self-obsessed. You often put other people's needs above your own, and that makes people look at you like their most reliable and caring person. You probably prefer close and intimate relationship with a few key people instead of shallow relationships with many. You hate confrontations and you will take things you don't deserve because of that. Don't be afraid to complain from time to time or to make people realize what you do for them.
Order and logic are key principles in your life, and this makes you an asset in any social circle. You are the organizer, the planner. Your house is probably clean and organized better than any of your friends. You colleagues at work know you are the one person who can plan everything and carry it out, and that it will be done with full attention to details. Your family and friends come to you for your logical and objective opinion. Before making a decision, you agonize over the risks and benefits. You hate making the wrong decision, and that is why you are the one most asked for advice.
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