What Kind of Doctor Would You Be?

We all wonder at one time or another what life would be like as a doctor and what kind of medicine we'd practice. Now you can finally find out! Take our quiz, answer all our questions, and we will tell you what type of medicine you would have taken up if you were a doctor. Ready to find out?
A friend of yours asks for your help at 10PM, when will you help them?
First thing in the morning
Tomorrow when I have available time
If it's important than at that very moment
Later that week
You found time to help the friend, and they tell you all about their problem. What do you do?
I'll give them my best advice and refer them to someone who can help him
I'll calm them down.
I'll help them solve their own problem
I'll listen to all the details and let them look at the big picture
I'll listen to them but actually look at how they act, talk and respond
Choose your preferred animal.
מבחן אישיות ברפואה: עיר בלילה
You have a free evening. What are your plans?
Call a friend and talk
Cook or bake
Watch television
You feel chronic pain in your leg but you don't want to see a doctor. What do you do?
Consult with friends who had similar problems
Calm myself using meditation
Keep on going and hope the body will take care of the pain
Look up the pain online and try to diagnose it
Try to find out if there's a bigger problem with my body
Choose an object that comes closest to symbolizing you.
Choose the word you feel is most important:
מבחן אישיות ברפואה: מטוס בשקיעה
When the plague ends, where would you like to go on vacation?
מבחן אישיות ברפואה: פסל החירות
Within the USA
מבחן אישיות ברפואה: סירה על חוף וצוק בתאילנד
מבחן אישיות ברפואה: מקדש ביפן
מבחן אישיות ברפואה: ברלין
מבחן אישיות ברפואה: פריז
Why did you choose that destination in question 8?
For the beautiful sites, sights and views
For family activities
For great hotels and weather
For challenging activities
For intellectual curiosity
When you feel like a good story, what genre do you pick?
If you were a school teacher, what class would you teach?
A friend hurt you emotionally. How will you react?
After being VERY angry, I'd forgive them.
I'll continue unaffected.
I'll cut them out of my life
I'll ask them why they did it. The future of our friendship will be determined by their answer
I'll try to figure out why they did it without asking them directly
Family Doctor
According to the results of this quiz, you seem to be suitable for FAMILY MEDICINE! There are a few reasons for this. First, when we don't feel good, we make an appointment, because this is someone who knows quite a bit about a lot of different subjects. You are the same, a great person for advice who knows a lot about many subjects and always knows how to 'diagnose' the problem and give great advice or know enough to direct the person to someone who can. You're a great people person, social and kind.
According to the results of this quiz, you seem to be suitable to be a Pediatrician. This medical profession requires a large amount of kindness and calm, but most of all - you must be patient! Patience is a must for someone working with children, as well as the greatest amounts of kindness. A great sense of humor is usually also in abundance. We're sure you're funny, kind and patient. You may have a mischievous side as well, but that's just part of your charm.
According to the results of this quiz, you seem to be suitable to be a surgeon. Like a surgeon, you are a meticulous person who likes the small details. You are incredibly patient and you have a great sense of responsibility. You're a practical person, and you like to solve things with your hands, just like any good surgeon. You are always available when things are important, and that's why friends and family rely on you again and again.
According to the results of this quiz, you are suitable for Epidemiology! In this age of the Corona virus, this medical branch is becoming more important than ever. Just like these doctors and medical researchers, you like looking at the big picture, which is usually made of charts and numbers. You are one of those people who don't shy from statistics, but dive right in. You have an experimental spirit, a huge curiosity and the sheer will of committing yourself to a long-term project and diving right in.
According to the results of this quiz, you are suitable for Neurology! Neurologists, like yourself, are people of deep intelligence who are not afraid to deal with the most complex problems in the human brain and nervous system. These doctors deal with some of the most terrible of brain and spinal injury, but they look at the problem right on and find ways to either solve it or improve the patient's way of life. Like them, you are brave, honest, fiercely intelligent and someone who can deal with complex subjects.
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