Relieve That Painful Burnt Tongue with These 10 Cool Tips

Everyone at some point has burned their tongue with a surprisingly hot forkful of food. Yet this common occurrence is usually only met with a polite show of sympathy from fellow diners, rather than a helpful remedy. A simple fanning action with our hands may assuage the heat, but what if you’ve suffered a mild or severe burn? 

Such an injury can affect your sense of taste, cause pain, redness, swelling, blisters, and even infection. Although burns will usually heal themselves, there are rather a lot of things you can do to remedy the injury more quickly. Here are 10 cool suggestions.

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Note: Some people experience a constant burning sensation in their tongues. This is a medical condition called burning tongue syndrome, and it’s unrelated to a burnt tongue. 
If you have burned your tongue severely, you need to contact your doctor immediately.

1. Breathe Through Your Mouth

The second you realize you’ve touched your mouth with something too hot, spit it out, then stick out your tongue, and breathe orally until the cool air you are pushing out provides you with relief.

2. Have Something Cold

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Touching your tongue with something cold will provide instant relief, reduce inflammation, and prevent tissue from being damaged. Furthermore, it will keep your mouth hydrated and moist, helping to prevent bacteria from causing an infection. 
Consider sucking on an ice cube or ice pop, eating some ice-cream, drinking cold juice, or sipping cold water. Try to hold any of these items in your mouth as long as you can before swallowing. Continue until the pain disappears.

3. Swish Warm Water Around Your Mouth

A 2013 study in the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery has found that applying warm water can limit burn damage. Tissue has a greater chance of surviving because of a greater microcirculatory perfusion.  Saltwater is your best bet, since the salt will help stave off an infection. 
Mix ½ tsp. salt in a glass of warm water. Swish the solution around your mouth for 30 seconds and spit it out. Repeat throughout the day, until your burn has healed. 

4. Honey

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A 2014 study in the Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters shows that honey’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent natural remedy for burns. 
Spread 1 tsp. Manuka honey upon your tongue. Let it sit there for as long as you can before swallowing. Repeat this a couple of times throughout the day.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can soothe damaged tongue cells, reduce pain and inflammation, and help with the healing process. One 2007 Burns study suggested that Aloe Vera can effectively be used to treat both first and second-degree burns. 
Extract some Aloe Vera gel from a leaf. Apply it to your tongue. Repeat throughout the day. Otherwise, freeze the gel into ice cubes to be sucked on during the day.

6. Yogurt

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Yogurt is a natural remedy apt for providing instant relief for your tongue burns, removing the heat. Follow these instructions: From ½ cup of cold, plain yogurt, take a little into your mouth, holding it there for a few moments before swallowing. Repeat until you’ve finished. Do the same a few times throughout the day.

7. Sugar

Sugar can soothe and provide comfort for your tongue burn. This remedy will also boost your impaired sense of taste. To consume: Put 1 tsp. sugar on your tongue, hold it against the roof of your mouth until the sugar melts. Repeat until your pain subsides.

8. Mint

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Mint contains menthol, which numbs the area of your burn and reduces inflammation. It also possesses antibacterial properties which reduce the likelihood of infection. 
Use mint toothpaste and apply it to your burn. Stick out your tongue until the paste dries. Once dry wash it with cold water. Repeat two or three times a day. Alternatively, sip cooled down mint tea, or chew mint gum.

9. Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin soothes inflamed tissue and hydrates your tongue, which is needed to expedite the healing process. 
To use: Place some vegetable glycerin onto your tongue, letting it remain for as long as you can endure it. Spit it out and rinse your mouth with cool water. Repeat several times during the day. Alternatively, use glycerin-based mouthwash a few times a day.

10. Vitamin E Oil

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Vitamin E oil offers instant relief and assists the tongue tissue’s regeneration. To consume: Open a vitamin E capsule, emptying the oil onto your tongue. With your fingers, spread it evenly onto your burn. Repeat throughout the day.

Extra Tips

• Avoid hot liquids that may irritate your burn.
• Steer clear of acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus fruits.
• Avoid crunchy foods such as potato chips and nuts.
• Steer clear of spicy foods: they could irritate your burn.
• Drink cool water to keep your mouth and tongue moisturized.
• Chew gum or suck hard candy to stimulate saliva production.
• Steer clear of alcohol which can irritate your mouth’s lining.
• Maintain good oral hygiene.
• Before eating, test the temperature of hot foods and liquid.
• If your burn does not improve, immediately consult your doctor.


H/T: top10homeremedies.com
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