How Spending Some Time Alone is Good For Your Health


Far too often these days, many people end up feeling overwhelmed, and thanks to social media it sometimes feels like there's no way to escape. However, it's extremely important to switch your phone off and get away from every other human being every so often. Why? Keep reading and find out.


1. It Fights StressBeing Alone benefits

Being alone and feeling bored deactivates the areas in your brain that promote heightened awareness, which can help lower stress levels. Boredom helps calm your brain down and can help you regulate your emotions a lot better.

2. It Helps You Unwind

Spending time alone is a brilliant way to recharge your mind and body. A massive survey with 18,000 participants from 134 different countries found that 'spending time alone' was the way most people felt the most relaxed. 'Reading' came in 2nd place and 'being in nature' came 3rd.

3. It Wards Off DepressionBeing Alone benefits

It may seem counterintuitive, but spending time alone has actually been found to tackle depression. Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign revealed that the risk of depression is significantly decreased for those who enjoy spending time alone. Additionally, they also found that people who enjoy being alone are far less likely to suffer from depression at any point in their lives.

4. It Boosts Your Mental Strength

Plenty of people get nervous or antsy when they have to be alone for a long time. However, we really should start to do it more often, since studies have shown that forcing yourself to sit through extended periods of solitude will fortify your mental strength.

5. It Makes You More CompassionateBeing Alone benefits

Harvard University found that being isolated can help you build a stronger and more empathetic character. According to Harvard researchers, sessions in solitude help people gain a better understanding of the struggles and experiences of others, which can help them become more sincerely compassionate throughout their lives.

6. It Makes You More Creative

If you want to become more creative, then there's no better way than spending time alone. The more bored you get, the more creative you'll become, since the human mind will start coming up with loads of different ways of keeping yourself entertained, and since you're alone there will be nobody around to distract you.

7. It Creates Self-RelianceBeing Alone benefits

If you always rely on others for assistance, opinions, and advice, then you might end up becoming partially-dependent on others, which won't allow you to become self-reliant. If you want to feel a sense of independence, you'll need to start making decisions on your own, which is something that spending time alone forces you to do.

8. It Improves Concentration

Interruptions and distractions are an inevitable part of day-to-day life, from the daily barrage of emails to friends and family messaging you to see when you're free to meet up. Setting aside some proper alone time will allow you to cut out most of these disturbances, letting you get on with the task at hand. You can also improve your memory and concentration by means of these pressure points.

9. It Improves Your Memory
Being Alone benefits

Spending time alone has also been found to boost your memory. In fact, research from Harvard has shown that people remember the key details of tasks they completed by themselves in far more detail than those they completed with the help of others.

10. It Strengthens Your Relationships

Being alone has been shown to help you gain a better understanding of who you are. Such self-knowledge is absolutely essential if you want any of your long-term relationships to work out. After all, if you don't even understand yourself, how can you expect to truly understand the needs and desires of another person?


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