Caught in an Emergency? 10 Items That Will Save Your Life

We don't give as much credit to our brain as we should. It is, however, one of the most potent weapons we have. Think about the times you were caught in an emergency situation and the times you've had to improvise with things that are readily available around you. These situations have likely saved you a trip to the hospital, or at best, saved your life. So, if you do get caught in an emergency situation, here are 10 everyday items you can use which will save your life:

1. Chewing gum fire starter

Cut a thin strip of the gum wrapper and fold the strip in half, cutting it diagonally across the folded strip. When you unfold the strip you should have a narrow spot at the center. Hold the ends of the strip to the positive and negative ends of the battery. However, make sure that the metallic side of the strip touches the battery, not the paper side. This will create a flame. Know that this method works only with wrappers that have a metallic side.  

Tip: Playing with fire can be dangerous so do be careful. 

2. Bra cup debris mask

If you find yourself in an emergency situation where you are caught in a raging fire, you could face serious respiratory problems as a result of breathing in smoke, toxic ash, pulverized concrete, particles, and dust. A great way to keep these toxic fumes at bay is to use the cup of a bra as a debris mask. It is perfect to cover the nose and mouth and the straps can be used to tie around the head for hands-free use. 

Tip: It is always better to use a gas mask which will provide you with protection from gaseous and particulate toxic materials. 

3. Ice to start a fire

Being outdoors in the winter is a fun activity but conditions can become dangerous once we become exposed to plummeting temperatures and gusting winds. A fire is essential and it can be started using ice. Find the clearest ice you can and carve out a big chunk of it. Using the warmth of your palms melt it into a smooth round lens and use this lens as a magnifying glass to light the fire. 

Tip: This method world if you find clear ice and sunshine. It is better and easier to carry match sticks or lighters to light a fire. 

4. Tinfoil to keep yourself warm

Keeping yourself warm and preserving your body heat is essential to survive a cold night. One of the best ways to preserve your body heat is to wrap yourself with tin foil. The reflective surface of the foil will reflect your own body heat toward you and prevent it from escaping, keeping you warm.  

Tip: Tin foil can tear easily so handle with care.

5. Feminine hygiene products
The material that sanitary napkins are made from, Cellucotton, were used as surgical cotton during World War I. For this reason, sanitary napkins can be used for dressing a wound. In fact, they are 5 times as absorbent as cotton bandages. 
6. Toothpaste to get rid of the itch caused by an insect bite

You can use toothpaste to treat skin irritations caused by bug bites. In an emergency situation, it can also be used to treat athlete's foot and blisters. Toothpaste can stop the itching and reduce the swelling when applied topically. If you've got a blister, apply it all over the blister before going to bed. This will cause the blister to dry up while you sleep. If applied immediately after they happen, toothpaste also helps cool and soothe minor burns. 

Tip: Toothpaste should only be used to treat minor burns. In severe burns, it can cause more harm than good. 

7. T-shirt to filter water

If you are caught in an emergency situation there are a number of ways to filter water. Fill a container with murky water and cut a strip of clean cloth from your t-shirt. Dip one end of the cloth in the murky water and put the other end into an empty container where you want to gather the filtered water. Just remember to keep the container with the dirty water at a higher level than the other container. After some time you will see clear water dripping into the empty container. 

Tip: Once you have filtered the water, be sure to boil it before drinking. 

8. Fork as a weapon
A fork is something you often have access to be it at home or while traveling. The pointed edges of a fork can be used to fight back against a wild animal should you find yourself in a situation where you are being attacked. Or it may also be used to scare off some stranger trying to get too close and harm you. 
9. Belt to stop a door from opening

Shootings have become increasingly common lately. In which case, it is recommended that you enter a secure room, bolt the entrance, lie low, and wait for help. If there isn't any furniture in the room to help keep the door closed you can use your belt to secure the hinges. This will keep the door securely closed. 

Tip: This method only works if the door has hinges as shown in the photograph. 

10. Shoelace to cut a zip tie

If you ever get kidnaped and your hands are tied using a zip tie, it is possible that you free yourself from the restraint using your shoelaces. To do this simply untie your shoelaces and tie them together using a strong knot. Move your hands, and place the zip tie under the shoelaces. Then kick your legs from side to side, creating traction against the plastic zip tie. The zip tie will soon break enabling you to be free. 

Tip: Trying to wriggle your wrists out of the plastic strip will only cause pain and cut your skin, worsening the situation. 

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