15 Inspiring Reasons to Feel Happier & Healthier with Age

Feeling stronger, healthier and happier in our 40s and beyond may seem like a difficult task. But, here are 15 reasons that will remind us how we can feel all of these as we get older.
love your age

1. You may have a more active social life
Researchers discovered that although people tend to have fewer close relationships as they age, they usually compensate by becoming more involved. 

2. Your outlook on life is sunnier
According to research from the University of Colorado, in our younger years, we may pay more attention to negative information, but once we reach the ages of 55 and above, we tend to focus on both the positives and negatives in life. 

3. You're more generous
Older people are also more inclined to give handouts to strangers than younger people are, according to a university in Singapore. 

4. Simple pleasures bring more joy
According to a study conducted in 2014 it was found that while extraordinary experiences contribute to happiness at all stages of life, older people felt that everyday moments, such as talking to kids or eating good food, brought them more joy, in comparison to younger people. 

5. You're less jealous
In our younger years, we were probably more envious. But a 2015 study found that as we get older, jealousy tends to fade particularly regarding appearance, romance and social success. 

love your age

6. Your overall quality of life is better
In comparison to younger age groups, people aged 65 were more likely to say that they were thriving in key areas such as purpose, social, financial, community as well as physicality. 

7. You probably won't feel like a senior when you're a senior
While you may be classified as a senior aged 70 and beyond, one study found that people in this age group reported feeling 13 years younger. 


8. Dementia rates are decreasing
According to a study conducted in 2017, the percentage of people ages 65 and older with dementia dropped by nearly three points between the years 2000 and 2012. 

9. You aren't as easily duped
Some experts argue that older people are more vulnerable to consumer fraud, primarily due to their decreasing cognitive skills. But, Canadian scientists found that older adults may be less-frequent victims than other age groups. It was found that increased experience and changes in lifestyle as well as income may protect older people from fraud. 

10. A slower brain might be a positive
According to research, our brain does slow with age, though it may be a good thing because older people may be processing all the information they've retained over the years.

love your age

11. You're better at solving problems
Research shows that older people are more adept at thinking of creative solutions than younger people are.

12. Those extra five or 10 pounds may not matter as you age
According to research conducted in Australia, adults over 65 who were overweight or at the high end of the healthy BMI range had a lower risk of mortality than those at the low end of the healthy range. 

13. You'll live longer without disability
The increase in life expectancy in the past two decades has also been accompanied by an even greater increase in years free of disability, a Harvard University study found. 

14. Your fears about aging probably won't become a reality
More than half of younger adults expect to experience memory loss when they are older, but a large poll found that only a quarter of adults actually do. 

15. You feel more rested
This may sound contradictory since as we age, we tend to sleep less. Though, according to a Swiss study, older people report better quality sleep and feel more awake throughout the day. 

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