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Acupressure Guides: Learn All the Important Points and How to Use Them

You may have heard the terms acupuncture, but perhaps not acupressure. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture in that it focuses on certain pressure points in the body. Unlike acupuncture, acupressure, as its name suggests, is about using pressure and not needles on these pressure points to bring healing, well-being and treat a host of health issues. Before you is a collection of some of our best acupressure guides to teach you about the important pressure points in your body, how to massage them and how to help others. You'll be surprised at how well these work.
According to ancient oriental beliefs, every organ in the human body has a representative pressure point in the hand and the foot. By massaging and applying pressure to a certain point for about a few minutes, you should be able to alleviate pain, cure diseases and feel much better. Get to know the most important pressure points in the hands and feet by following the instructions in this detailed guide.
While high blood pressure is caused by a variety of things, its most common cause is hypertension. One of the most effective ways to treat it naturally is with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which aims to bring your body back into balance. Let's take a look.

Nobody likes having a blocked, stuffy nose, and I’m definitely down for the count on this particular ailment. I can’t stand not being able to sleep or breathe properly, and all I can think of is how to get rid of it. While most of us would think of turning to over-the-counter nasal sprays or drugs, the stark reality is that these are chemical solutions, which have side effects and can be addictive, resulting in you continuing to take them when you don’t need to.

We all have our own ways of dealing with stress. Some people escape to a sunny beach, some prefer a nice glass of wine, and others even do their best to ignore it. Each way has its advantages (and disadvantages), but we can’t always do what's best at the exact moment we need to. This is where pressure points become a quick and effective long-term solution. Pressure points are areas in the body that can trigger various physical and mental effects when pressure is applied to them.
Acupressure points are a great alternative treatment for various ailments and symptoms, with cold and flu symptoms being no exception. We usually catch the flu when our immune system is compromised and cannot protect us from it efficiently. This can occur when we don’t get vaccinated, when we’re under a lot of stress, anxiety, of following a previous illness that has left our body in a weakened state. In addition, there are environmental causes, in particular, cold and dry weather.
Do you want to relieve your headache in a matter of minutes? Try the ancient technique of foot massage, and feel the pain drain away. Reflexology is a simple technique performed on the feet. It is based on the belief that all major organs and nerves are connected to our feet, and by pressing in the right way on the right place, various places in our body can be cured of pain.
Eye health and quality of vision can also be improved by recognizing the pressure points that affect them, as eye pressure is usually caused by pressure on the neck muscles that affect blood flow to the eyes. Whether you suffer from poor eyesight or teary eyes, these 7 pressure points will help improve your vision and prevent any other eye conditions from occurring.
Many studies have shown the effectiveness of Chinese treatment methods in various medical situations, especially pressure points. Chinese medicine is so effective that some doctors may suggest treatments that include acupuncture or shiatsu. But can the results of those treatments be achieved without the need for skilled hands or sharp needles? The answer is yes, especially when it comes to simple treatments like the one below. Keep reading to learn about the San Yin Jiao pressure point.
We need good concentration and memory at every age and every stage of life. Regardless of whether we’re studying for an important exam or trying to remember how to get from one place to another, these abilities determine whether or not we’ll succeed in our mission. One of our strongest enemies in this struggle is stress, which negatively affects our concentration and memory.
Toothache can be sharp, constant, or throbbing, and it may be accompanied by swelling, a headache, fever, and foul-tasting drainage from the infected tooth. In most cases, people tend to address their tooth pain with antibiotics and painkillers, but it’s best to rely on natural healing methods such as acupressure and reflexology, that have no harmful side-effects.
Medical services around the world have adopted reflexology and acupuncture techniques to treat various problems since they can relieve pain and relieve us from a variety of diseases that our bodies suffer from. Throughout history, many reflexology and acupuncture specialists have also used these techniques to treat various skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, shingles, fungus, and seborrheic dermatitis.
As we get older and as the years pass, our blood vessels slowly become clogged because of the food we consume, just like the plumbing in your home. If you know you have a particular problem with blood flow or your heart, it is recommended, after consulting your doctor, that you try the following 6 pressure points - they may provide you with the relief your body needs by improving blood flow in the body.
Neck pain usually centers on one location in your neck, but it can also be dispersed. This kind of pain can result in stiffness or spasms. So, what can we do to help ease the pain? For centuries, people have resorted to reflexology and acupressure to relieve neck pain. Acupressure focuses on points on your body that can be massaged and stimulated to relieve health conditions, Treating neck pain with reflexology is currently being evaluated for its effectiveness, Nevertheless, evidence suggests it works for some people. Below, you'll discover how pressure points might relieve your neck pain.
Until you receive the correct treatment, a kidney problem can be very uncomfortable for those who suffer from it, but common kidney and urinary problems can be alleviated by applying pressure to various points throughout the body. Here are 8 points, two for each common problem, and if you suffer from one of the following problems, you should massage the two points that are related to it every day in order to alleviate the problem till you can see a doctor.
Hair loss is a phenomenon many people face and try to prevent at all costs; Some people use different creams, chemical or natural preparations, diets and even laser treatments. In addition to these, there is an ancient technique from China that, according to natural medicine experts, can achieve impressive results in preventing hair loss, without purchasing anything or risking the negative effects of various substances. So, before you become skeptical about this issue and continue losing hair, simply read and implement the 6 next steps that will give you healthier and stronger hair.
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