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Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory

 If you’re not a fan of neuroscience, you might cringe at the idea of learning all about how memory works. Luckily, knowledge about the brain doesn’t have to be mind-numbing or boring. In fact, learning about mental processes can be enriching if it’s presented properly.


To understand how memory works, you first need a basic understanding of the brain. Each area of your brain is responsible for a different kind of memory – for example, the amygdala is responsible for emotional learning. Meanwhile, your frontal lobes provide working memory.

Trauma, aging, and medication are all top causes of memory loss, but you cannot control all the factors that contribute to memory loss, but exercising and getting enough sleep can help slow down the decline of your memory.

The infographic below focus on how memory works and how you can improve your memory.            


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Source: dailyinfographic 

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