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The Functional Medicine Approach to Curing Eczema

 Eczema is a skin disorder that affects many people and is indicative of the body being inflamed. Although symptoms appear on the skin, the disorder is very much a sign of something being wrong on the inside of the body. In fact, the root cause of eczema is a disturbance in the immune system – it’s the body overreacting to something that’s attacking it. Let’s take a closer look:


The Main Causes of Eczema

1. Leaky Gut

The medical term for this is “increased intestinal permeability”. In essence, the body has an inflammatory reaction to food particles passing through the wall of your gut. This results in food sensitivity, such as to gluten and dairy. With that being said, a leaky gut can cause a whole range of health problems, from sinus problems to irritable bowel, reflux, joint pain, autoimmune diseases and more. The body’s inflammatory response can also cause weight gain.

2. Abnormal Gut Flora

Sometimes, overgrowth of bad bugs and yeast can occur in the gut. This is medically known as dysbiosis, and it occurs when the 3 pounds of bugs in your gut become out of balance and drive inflammation. Yeast overgrowth is actually a common cause of eczema and is caused by a high-sugar, refined carb, low-fiber, processed diet. With that being said, yeast overgrowth can also be triggered by the use of antibiotics, steroids, hormones and even the birth control pill.

3. Other Factors

There are numerous other things that can trigger eczema, namely chemicals in skin creams, lotions, and detergents. In addition, the impact that various factors can have on the gut is often underestimated.  Too many antibiotics, aspirin, acid-blocking drugs, ibuprofen, stress, infections, and toxins can all have an impact.


The #1 Way to Cure Eczema – Change Your Diet

As you can see, the root cause of eczema is often problems with the gut, which in turn are usually caused by a poor diet. As a result, food has to be thought of as medicine. It can prevent, reverse and even cure disease. Dietary changes can make inflammation in the body die down, cause gut issues to subside, and give your immune system a much-needed break. The result of this is that inflammatory conditions such as eczema die down. Here’s how to do it correctly:


1. Adopt an Elimination Diet

Seeing as the most common and harmful food sensitivities are usually related to gluten and dairy, try eliminating them from your diet, together with sugary, processed foods, for 10 days. You’ll see results in the immediate aftermath of the 10-day period.

2. Incorporate Anti-inflammatory Nutrients and Foods

Wild-caught fish and a colorful selection of plant foods are the way to go, and consider the liberal use of spices like turmeric. You can also try taking fish oil and curcumin supplements.

3. Normalize Gut Flora

Prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes are all great for normalizing healthy gut flora. If you’re not sure what you’re doing with these things, it’s best to work with a functional medicine practitioner to address any gut issues you might have correctly. Nevertheless, incorporating gut-healing nutrients into your diet is entirely within your reach. Balance gut flora results in reduced immune activation, preventing many inflammatory diseases such as asthma, eczema and inflammatory bowel disease.

4. Use the Right Supplements

Fish oil, evening primrose oil, and vitamins D and A are your friends if you have eczema.

5. Get Sufficient Sleep

Loss of sleep fuels the body’s inflammatory response, so make sure that you get 8 hours of quality sleep per night.

6. Exercise Regularly

Another way of reducing the body’s inflammatory response is ensuring that you exercise regularly. Doing so will also boost the strength of your immune system.

7. Control Stress Levels

Not only does stress make you miserable – it’s been linked to inflammation. Try meditation, deep breathing, yoga or another form of stress reduction and make it a priority to do one (or a combination) of them) regularly.


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