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This is What Happens If You Gain 10 Pounds

 Food not tasting as good as it used to anymore? Feeling less confident in yourself? It’s not just your imagination. Gaining just 10 pounds can have this effect on you. Below are 10 bizarre things that occur when you gain 10 pounds.
1. Food Tastes Blander
Weight Gain

Think that you’re overweight because you enjoy the taste of food too much? This might not be true – in fact, it appears to be the complete opposite. Gaining weight reduces your taste receptors by 25 %. This might lead people to overeat as they try to get the same sensation and flavors from food that they did when they were thinner. Foodies take note: Food really does taste better when you’re at a normal weight!

2. Leaving the House Suddenly Feels Terrifying

Feeling anxious? Well, according to a study, it turns out that managing your weight may really help you manage your anxiety levels. Researchers found that women with significant belly fat were far more likely to suffer from anxiety than their slimmer-waisted peers.

3. Migraines Start Appearing Like Clockwork

Never suffered from migraines before, but are now? It could be because of your weight gain. Over two decades of research has shown that going from a normal weight to overweight significantly increases your risk of getting splitting headaches, and those who are obese are more likely to suffer from chronic migraines, according to the American Migraine Foundation.

4. Serious Stomach Pain Sidelines You
Weight Gain

Have you suddenly started to feel sharp, stabbing pains in your back or upper abdomen? It could be gallstones, and gaining weight significantly increases your risk of getting this painful condition. The real kicker is that if you do end up getting your gallbladder removed you might have a difficult time eating high-fat foods for the rest of your life.

5. Kids Don’t Seem to be on the Cards

One of the most heart-breaking consequences of weight gain is an increased risk of fertility, in both men and women, according to a Harvard study. Having extra fat can seriously mess with your hormones and cause metabolic disorders – including polycystic ovarian syndrome in women – that can make it much harder to conceive.


6. Your Leg Muscles Are Sore and You Didn’t Hit the Gym

Unexplained muscle soreness, weakness, and fatigue are a sure sign of a vitamin D deficiency. What does a vitamin have to do with your weight exactly? Overweight people are much more likely to be deficient in the important nutrient because it gets diluted in the extra fatty tissue.

7. Your Spouse Asks for Separate Bedrooms

Does your partner gear up for bed with earplugs? If so, this is a good sign that your snoring is out of control. One cause of loud, persistent snoring is sleep apnea, a condition that causes you to stop breathing during the night, and can be brought on or worsened by weight gain. The good news? Chronic snorers who went on a healthy eating plan saw improvements in their sleep within eight weeks.

8. Painful Burps after Dinner Are the Norm
Weight Gain
Heartburn is the worst. The fiery chest and throat pain can take the fun out of a tasty meal. If you have suddenly started having more or worse flare-ups, it might be time to check the scale. Gaining weight puts you at a much higher risk of heartburn.

9. Peeing Three Times a Night Feels Normal

Midnight trips to the toilet are a punchline for many jokes about aging, but if you’re consistently having to pee during the night, it’s no laughing matter as it could be an early warning sign of chronic kidney disease and failure. So, what does your weight have to do with your kidneys? A lot: Obese people are seven times more likely to get kidney disease and even people who are mildly overweight are 90% more likely to develop end-stage renal failure.

10. Online shopping or Gambling Are Eating Up Your Savings

Wondering why you’re suddenly struggling with your self-control? The scale might have the answers. A 10% weight gain is more than enough to change your personality in significant ways, according to a study carried out by the Association for Psychological Science. Those who gained weight scored a lot higher on impulsivity and were much less likely to resist temptations of all kinds.

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