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14 Superfoods Foods Recommended For Men and Women

 Did you know that men and women need to eat differently in order to be as healthy as can be? It is important for women to consume foods that prevent various symptoms of menopause (which mainly affects them), prevent uterine cancer and breast cancer or help the development of fetuses while pregnant, and babies during breastfeeding. Men, on the other hand, should consume foods that prevent common cancers and improve sperm quality and sexual function. So what foods are best for you? Read on to find out!



The 7 Best Foods for Women

Women suffer from various symptoms of menopause and most go through at least one pregnancy during their lives, which means that they must consume the healthiest and most recommended food for the health of their children, even while breastfeeding. At the same time, women often suffer from an iron deficiency in the blood, which leads to anemia, and for all these reasons it is highly recommended that women consume the following foods:

1. Edamame - prevents menopausal symptoms

Not only are they considered a great healthy snack option, but soybeans, also known as "Edamame," are also an excellent source of healthy fiber, fats, and estrogen-like compounds called isoflavones. These compounds can be your best friends during menopause, and can even prevent heat flashes. However, women who have had breast cancer in their past should avoid eating this food.

2. Asparagus - prevents fetal defects during pregnancy


Asparagus is considered to be an excellent source of Vitamin K, which helps build bones and is therefore recommended for women suffering from osteoporosis. However, the vast advantage of asparagus for women is during pregnancy and even before it, since the vegetable is full of pulsates, which help prevent birth defects, such as a spina bifida, a defect that develops during the first month of pregnancy and is expressed in the incomplete closing of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord.

3. Papaya - reduces the risk of cervical and breast cancer


The red-orange color of papaya comes from its high beta-carotene and lycopene content. Lycopene is especially important for women, as it significantly reduces their chances of suffering from cervical cancer and breast cancer. In addition, lycopene also helps maintain normal blood pressure and reduces cholesterol levels.

4. Sardines - improve the quality of breast milk


Before you turn your nose up, you should know that sardines are not necessarily meant for you, but rather for your baby if you are breastfeeding. These small fish have healthy omega-3 fatty acids that can improve the quality of breast milk and are generally considered to be recommended foods for infants (at an appropriate age). They also have less mercury than other canned fish, so they are more recommended for consumption than for tuna, for example.

5. Flaxseeds – protect against breast cancer


Flaxseeds contain a lot of dietary fiber that is useful for digestive processes and also contain large quantities of lignans. Many studies show that lignans work in the body like estrogen, and in these studies, it has been shown that lignans help fight against various types of cancer, especially breast cancer. However, it is important to know that you won’t benefit from lignans if you consume flaxseed in oil form - you need to consume the seeds in their original form.

6. Sweet potato - protects fetal and infant health


Sweet potato contains copper, fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, and iron, all of which are important, but among all nutrients in the potato, the most important for women, especially during pregnancy and lactation, is beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A, the same vitamin which makes sure your baby develops strong, healthy lungs.

7. Beans - a great source of iron


Beans contain a lot of protein, and it isn’t accompanied by the high fat that meat often contains. This is important for women who lack iron, but this is not the only benefit of consuming beans. Beans can also reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels, as well as heart rate - this is especially important for older women, as heart disease is one of the leading causes of death among women.

The 7 Best Foods for Men

There are several foods that can help men avoid the cancers that most commonly plague them, as well as increase their sperm count, improve their performance in bed, and even attract more women.

1. Tomatoes - protect against prostate cancer


According to a Harvard study, men who eat tomatoes and tomato-based products, such as natural tomato sauce, have a significantly lower risk of prostate cancer. The reason is probably the carotenoid that answers to the name of lycopene, which is abundant in tomatoes and helps ward off this type of cancer. It is important to know that other studies have found that drinking tomato juice is not beneficial in the same way, and in order to absorb lycopene with the highest efficiency it is best to cook tomatoes and their by-products. 

2. Garlic - Improves sexual attraction


Besides for the fact that garlic intake also helps prevent prostate cancer, you're probably surprised to hear that men who eat more garlic have a more attractive body odor to women, a study at the University of Prague found. The reason for this is still unknown to researchers, but what is known is that garlic can produce a kind of chemical that causes sexual attraction, which is secreted in sweat.

3. Broccoli – protects against bladder cancer


Everyone knows that broccoli is healthy, but recently it has been found to be more nutritious and recommended for men than previously thought. Broccoli, it seems, helps protect the body against bladder cancer, which is considered to be cancer that is more common in men than in women. Researchers recommend consuming at least 5 meals containing broccoli during the week, and they claim that doing so can reduce the chances of developing bladder cancer by about 50%. It should be noted that the same conclusion was reached about eating cabbage in the same way.

4. Watermelon - lowering blood pressure


More men tend to have higher blood pressure up to the age of 55 than women, and for them, it is recommended to consume foods rich in potassium. One of the best foods for this is watermelon, which has more potassium than a banana or a glass of orange juice. Another advantage of watermelon is its lycopene content, which has already been mentioned as one of the most important components for prostate cancer prevention. When you can’t find watermelons in stores, you can opt for avocado, kale, legumes and other foods rich in potassium instead.


5. Brazil nuts - protect and strengthen sperm health


Brazil nuts are considered very rich in selenium, and this mineral is very important for maintaining sperm health. Besides, it also helps increase your fertility, as it also helps sperm cells become better swimmers. In a study in the UK, it has been shown that men with fertility problems can solve them by consistently and moderately eating Brazil nuts.

6. Blueberries - prevent impotence


Many men are forced to treat impotence problems with various drug treatments, but these medications can be replaced with blue and healthy foods - blueberries. This is because blueberries are rich in soluble fiber, which helps to get rid of excess cholesterol in the digestive system before it builds up on the walls of the arteries. At the same time, blueberries have compounds that help relax the blood vessels and improve blood circulation, allowing proper blood flow to the penis. Men are advised to consume a handful of them 3-4 times a week.

7. Liver - Increases sperm count

The recommendation for liver consumption for men has two reasons; one is its high vitamin A content - studies have shown that men who consume more vitamin A have a higher sperm count and function better in bed. The second reason is the zinc content in the liver because the male body secretes about a third of the recommended daily amount of zinc in each ejaculation.
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