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This Exercise Will Make You Live Longer

 Most of us do what we can to live a healthy life. We are aware that the more we take care of our health, the happier, longer and more active our life will be. Yet, despite the exercise you do, have you ever wondered how old your actual body is? To find out, we invite you to try this simple test below.
The Body Test
bend over
Get started by doing a little warm-up to get your muscles ready.

1. Bend over and try to reach the floor with your hands.
2. Keep your legs and your back straight.
3. Memorize the point that your hands could reach and stand straight again.
The Results
1. 20-25 years
bend over
You are able to touch the floor while keeping your hands and your legs straight. Your muscles feel pretty relaxed.
2. 25-38 years
bend over
You are able to touch the floor with your fingertips. Your knees are slightly bent and your muscles feel tense. Overall, you feel like you want to stand up straight again as soon as possible. 
3. 38-50 years
bend over
Your fingers can touch the upper part of your feet, your knees are slightly bent, but your muscles are tensed. You probably feel like you want to stand up straight again as soon as possible. 
4. More than 50 years
bend over

You can't touch your feet, and an attempt to bend more makes you bend your knees. This position makes you feel uncomfortable.

How to Improve Your Flexibility

If you are pleased with your results, continue with your usual exercise regime. If not, do not panic. To get to the desired body age, take some time out of your day to bend over. The more you do so, the quicker it will take for you to see results. Tibetan sages said that the body age of a person depends on the condition of their liver. It is also said that the liver is connected with flexibility.

Living a sedentary lifestyle influences both the muscles and organs negatively. So bending over up to 30 times a day will make your ligaments and tendons stronger. Thankfully, you can improve your flexibility at any age. Below is a simple exercise that will help you release tension and enrich your body with oxygen. It also works a lot of muscles. In addition, the most important effect of this exercise is that it gives an inner 'massage' to your organs and improves digestion. It can also be done anywhere:

1. Hold your breath.  
2. Inhale deeply and round off your stomach.
3. Hold your breath once again.
4. Exhale all the air out of your lungs and suck your stomach in.

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