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5 Signs that Show Nutrient Deficiency

While blood tests are an ideal and appropriate way to check whether you have a vitamin deficiency, there is a less expensive way to determine a lack of nutrients. Our face tells us more than we think. So be on the look out for the following signs which will determine whether you've got a vitamin deficiency.

1. Pale Complexion
If you are looking pale, and you appear to be so for more than a day, it may mean that you are deficient in vitamin B12. Aside from your complexion, you may also check your tongue to see if it is completely smooth, as this is another sign that you may be lacking in the vitamin. Fatigue and memory problems are also good indicators of a vitamin B12 deficiency. To combat the issue, consume organic-poultry, wild-caught fish, and grass-fed meats. 
2. Bad Hair
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If your hair is full of dandruff, appears brittle and dry, you may have a deficiency in biotin (vitamin B7). This tends to develop if you have taken too much antibiotics that destroy the intestinal bacteria which synthesize the biotin. Consume more cauliflower, egg yolks, and mushroom to boost you B7.
3. Pale lips
If your gums and lips appear pale, this is an indication of an iron deficiency. The signs tend to be more noticeable in women than in men. Consume more fish, red meat, dried beans, and spinach. 
4. Puffy Eyes
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Puffy eyes can be a symptom of iodine deficiency. Brittle nails, weight gain, and dry skin also show a lack of iodine. Salt is the main source of iodine, but it can also be found in salt water fish, sea vegetables, and seaweed.
5. Bleeding or tender gums
Aching and bleeding gums are a sign of vitamin C deficiency. Being deficient in vitamin C can cause an array of health problems including muscle ache and scurvy - a disease which if left untreated will cause your teeth to fall out. Consume foods rich in vitamin C, including watermelon, red peppers, papaya, kiwi, mango, berries, and citrus fruits. 
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