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6 Natural Ways to Fight Swollen Limbs

 Swollen feet, ankles, and legs are incredibly uncomfortable ailments to be afflicted with. Yet, they are not so easy to deal with, as they seem to make us do the very thing that often causes them: remaining stationary and sedentary. These days many of us find ourselves rooted to our desk chairs and car seats, making swollen limbs very common. Though, perhaps because the ailment is so common, there is now a wealth of useful information out there to help you deal with it.
swollen limbs, natural remedies
Here are 6 natural solutions you can easily apply to assuage and relieve your swollen limbs.

Note: Swollen limbs could be a symptom of a bigger health problem. So, to be on the safe side, consult your doctor if your feet, ankles or legs are experiencing swelling of any kind.
1. Prop up your legs
swollen limbs, natural remedies
You don’t have to be injured to reap the benefits of putting your feet up. Make a habit of elevating your legs for half an hour per day. This will help drain your body of excess fluids, which may be causing swelling.
2. Drink plenty of water
swollen limbs, natural remedies
Water, and plenty of it, is one of the most important ingredients of almost any medical remedy, and this certainly holds for swollen feet and legs. Staying well hydrated prevents swelling toxins from building up and maintains tissue health. It’s currently estimated that men should drink around 13 cups (3 liters) of fluid and women 9 cups (2.2 liters) per day. How much of this should be water is open to conjecture.
3. Soak yourself with Epsom salts
swollen limbs, natural remediesImage courtesy of depositphotos.com
Epsom salts will make your legs and feet actually feel a whole lot better. To give your swollen legs this boost, simply add some Epsom salt to your bath or foot spa.
4. Get more magnesium in your diet
swollen limbs, natural remedies
Magnesium often gets forgotten about when it comes to healthy vitamins and minerals, but it could hardly be more important when it comes to preventing inflammation and keeping your heart and immune system healthy. You don’t need to go straight for the supplements either. You will find lots of magnesium in the following foods: lean meat and poultry, dark, leafy, green vegetables, milk, yogurt, eggs, nuts, beans, and whole grains.
5. Apply some apple cider vinegar
swollen limbs, natural remedies
Apple cider makes a truly wonderful vinegar, and perfect for fixing swollen limbs. Not only will it help relieve swelling pains, when rubbed into your skin, but it’ll also absorb the excess fluid from your limbs.
6. Get plenty of exercise
swollen limbs, natural remedies

The last option is the easiest of all: exercise. Nothing is better at stopping fluid build-ups in your body than keeping yourself active with your favorite activities. Anything that can get your heart pumping and blood moving is a great choice, but swimming may be the most therapeutic. A special mention should also go to walking, jogging, and – if you are curious about trying it out – yoga.

H/T: tiphero.com

Cover image courtesy of depositphotos.com

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