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Reduce Your Weight With These 9 Spoonfuls of Health

 Taking care of our bodies is all about small, incremental steps. If you want to start on a healthier path in life, or boost your already-healthy one, the best way to do that is to introduce little changes to your diet and activity. To help facilitate those changes, especially when we want to lose weight, there are a number of super-substances that make you healthier and help you lose weight quickly and safely. Just a spoonful of these a day can work wonders: 
1. For much needed antioxidants and vitamins: a spoonful of thyme
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When we're trying to get healthy, it's important to find substances that are both chock-full of benefits, while at the same time aren't repulsive to our sense of taste. Thyme is a perfect example of an herb you can cook with or add to a beverage like tea. It's often coupled with lean chicken or turkey breast. Thyme will enhance the flavor of these simple proteins while adding a boatload of antioxidants, as well as helping you lose weight. 

Thyme is not only tasty, but contains many of the antioxidants, minerals and vitamins your body's cells need to stay protected from damage and the stress of losing weight. In addition, it's a diuretic, which will help release stored up water weight and flush out toxins. What's not to love? 

2. For a balanced blood sugar level: a spoonful of apple cider vinegar
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Apple cider vinegar has many uses, not only around the house but also for the body, both on the outside as well as in. By adding a teaspoonful of it to a 12 ounce glass of water you'll be adding a great array of nutrients in addition to quenching your thirst. It will also help keep your blood sugar levels in check. 


3. For proper digestion: a spoonful of raw organic honey 
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Honey, namely unprocessed honey, has many antioxidants and important enzymes that boost our health. Sadly, these are stripped away from most honey brands found worldwide when raw honey is made into processed honey. Raw, organic honey provides the body with thousands of different digestive enzymes that have a significant effect on our digestive system. When you look for this honey, make sure it says both raw and organic on its label. 

Making sure your digestive system is in great working order really helps the body lose weight, and these enzymes can help you do it.

4. To suppress the appetite: a spoonful of coconut oil
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Coconut oil has been heralded as incredibly helpful for weight loss. It's funny, because it has a relatively high level of saturated fat, but it's not the bad kind, and it also contains many healthy fats that our body requires. The fatty acids will help you feel full while your metabolism actually increases so you naturally burn fat. You can read more about the great uses of coconut oil right here.

5. To help with weight loss: a spoonful of ginger
health, spoonful

This is a spice that targets fat specifically, not just boosts weight loss. That's important because, when losing weight, you want to know you're burning excess fat and not just water weight. Just a teaspoon or tablespoon of ginger added to a dish will give you the benefits you need from it. It can add some spice to a bowl of chili or soup, and even add a kick to your smoothie.

Ginger works in two ways. The first is that it improves your digestion, which promotes weight loss. The second is by boosting your natural metabolic rate, which means you'll be burning more calories per hour - leading to weight loss.

6. For a double-shot of antioxidants: a spoonful of turmeric
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Turmeric is usually used in Indian cuisine, especially in curry. It is known for its bright yellow/orange color and has a distinct flavor. It also contains an active ingredient called curcumin, which holds incredible health benefits. 

A spoonful of turmeric (or better yet, a spoonful of curcumin powder) will add many antioxidants to your system, burn fat, help your heart and blood flow, and is an incredible agent in the fight against disease and infection, as well as being an anti-inflammatory agent. Add it to lean meats to enhance both flavor and health. You can find out more about the incredible benefits of curcumin here.


7. For essential omega-3: a spoonful of flaxseed

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Flax not only helps you feel full until your next meal, it also contains fiber - just what you need to help you lose weight. And flaxseeds are full of fiber. You'll be surprised at how much better you feel with these in your system.

Omega-3 reduces the amount of dangerous fats in your blood, lowers depression (or boosts the performance of anti-depressants), has anti-inflammatory properties, helps with asthma and helps to prevent cognitive degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

8. To boost the immune system: a spoonful of lemon juice
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Known for its astringent properties as a cleaning product, this same power that lemons have to clean can also help you lose weight, feel good and be healthier. 

A spoonful of lemon juice added to some hot water first thing in the morning, will give you a vitamin C boost that will carry you well throughout the day, cleansing while energizing you. It does wonders for your overall health and boosts your immune system to stay more active. It also helps promote weight loss because vitamin C directs your body to burn fat rather than store it. You can find out more about the beneficial powers of lemon water here.

9. For essential healthy fats: A spoonful of mashed avocado
avocado, mash
Avocado is a refreshing and tasty fruit, and, when added to a breakfast smoothie, can be an incredibly healthy snack or garnish. Since it's soft, mashing it will make it very easy to munch, and a spoonful will put you ahead on the amount of fiber you need for the day. Avocado is filled with healthy fats that help you burn fat faster and is packed with potassium, which is great when trying to lose weight.
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