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Joke: To Marry a Frog (Rude)

 Long ago there was a man who had a 25 inch penis. After consulting many people and finding no solution to his big problem, he decided to consult with a local witch.
Once with the witch he said, ''I need your help. My penis is so big it's hard for me to find women who can accommodate me. Can you help me?" The witch said, "Go to the forest, in the middle of it you'll find a frog, ask it to marry you. It is a cursed frog, and every time it says no, the curse will cause your penis to shrink 5 inches, which in your case is actually a blessing!"
So he went to the forest, and after hours of walking he found the frog, kneeled down and asked the frog to marry him.
The frog said, "No." 
Then his penis shrunk five inches. 


He asked the frog again, "Will you marry me?" And again, the frog said, "No." 

And it shrunk another five inches. 
Then he thought, "15 inches is still too big. I'll ask it again. Ten inches will be fine." 
So he asked the frog one more time, "Will you marry me?" 
The frog looked up at him in disgust and said, "I told you: No, no, and NO!"
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