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The System that Will Watch the Road for You

By: Chris Garratt

There are many activities we perform on a daily basis. We brush out teeth, we shower, we go to work or eat lunch. But of all the daily activities we take part in, there is only one thing we do every day that puts us in mortal peril every time, and that's driving.

Many of us drive every day, and every time we step into the car and begin driving, we're actually zooming in enormous speeds through the highways, dodging other fast moving vehicles and road hazards. One hit is all it takes for disaster to strike. 

Driving has always been risky business, and the number of people dying in car accidents seems to be rising every year. It doesn't matter if you're a good driver or not, even a split second of distracted attention can lead to a lethal accident. What's worse, it doesn't have to be our mistake to be caught in an accident, many accidents occur because someone ELSE didn't pay attention for a moment, crashing into another car.

Today, that danger has markedly increased. With the over-use of smartphones and GPS navigators, texting and talking on the phone, drivers are more distracted than ever. This increases the danger to other drivers exponentially, so we're in constant risk of suffering from someone else's lack of attention.

Studies conducted in the US in recent years have found that the vast majority of car collisions are due to a few seconds in which the driver was distracted. Recognizing this growing problem, new technological methods have been developed to alert drivers to the risk of collision. These accident-prevention systems are able to scan ahead of the car and raise an alarm if there is a risk a collision, giving the driver enough time to avoid a terrible accident.

These systems alert the driver to the following risks:

- Head on or lateral impact collisions.
(crashing head-on into a car on the opposite lane)

- Front to back collision.
(in which we crash into the car in front of us)

- Not keeping enough distance from the vehicle in front of us.
accident prevention system

These systems are active emergency systems, they won't affect your regular driving. Only at that crucial point in time, that split second when you could have avoided that tragic accident that might end your life or the lives of your loved ones in the car – that is when they just might save your lives.

The newest generation of accident prevention systems, such as the Safe Drive System, have not one but two alert systems that have been tested and designed to scan the road up to 500 feet ahead, giving drivers ample time to avoid collision, and can be retro-fitted to any car.

So if you ever worry about that split second on the road that threatens your life, add another set of eyes to the drive, the kind that never blinks.

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