Which Luxury Car Brand Are You?

Cars have always had a special place in our hearts. They are what enable us to go from place to place. Many of us spend hours in them daily. They are so ubiquitous to our lives that even the brands have well-known personalities. Which one has YOURS?
Which word best describes you as a worker?
Choose your preferred color:
Choose a dwelling.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Sports, running and staying in shape
Going to cultural events and high-end restaurants
Work on a project
Watching television or a movie with the family
Surf online and read about new and interesting things
What is your dream job?
Race car driver
Fashion designer
Hi-Tech Innovator
Senior Engineer
I'd rather get an early retirement
When you work on a project as a team, what role will you usually play?
The Motivator - Upping everyone's energy and motivation
The Critic - The one that looks for the mistakes and errors
The Solver - The one constantly trying to solve the problem with new ideas
The Leader - The one who takes charge and has a plan already
The Helper - The one that helps everyone do their jobs better
Pick your favorite dish.
Pick the watch most complimentary to you.
Another driver just cut you off, what do you do?
Press the gas and cut them off back
Ignore them
Will post about the awful driving culture arising
Tell myself it's time to get a better car
Honk in rage
What do you think is more important: The road or the destination?
The Road
The Destination
What kind of child were you?
Athletic and naughty
The most popular kid
The computer whiz
The A student
Spent most of my time with my family
Where would you rather go?
The Alps
French Riviera
New York City
Classic Europe
The islands of Greece
Like the Italian luxury brand that swept the race tracks, you are also a person full of energy and motivation. You revel in competition, and you are very self assured. You always feel like you want to let yourself off the leash and just let it all go, but you know it may be too much for others to handle. Don't let anyone stop you from getting what you want.
Elegant, noble, almost royal - That's how we'd describe you. Much like the British car company, known for its classy and luxury vehicles, so are you a person of 'high standing' who enjoys an active social life and the company of well cultivated groups of friends. You are always looking to conquer new ground, and looking for the next 'best' there is.
This relatively young car company, only 17 years old, is one of the hottest things in the world today - mostly because of the range of technological innovations it brought with it and the attitude it adopted early on. Like Tesla, you are young at heart, looking to learn what's newest and best. You're an early adopter, a creative person who tries to always think outside the box.
'Truth in Engineering' is the motto of this German sporty luxury car brand, who is not only considered highly reliable and accurate but also serves as the main vehicle for many heads of state. Like Audi, you are strong, reliable people who do things their own way and radiate seriousness and precision while always ready for hard work. You have good planning abilities, organization, and design, and you are always looking to do even better.
This veteran car brand was christened in 1902 and made a name for itself quickly as a powerful yet stylish and fun automobile, made for people who like their comforts - just like you. You are family people, you love spending time with them. You are most likely conservative, looking for peace and quiet and not in a rush to get anywhere. This doesn't mean you can't unleash the wild stallion inside you from time to time and show people what a real classic can do.
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