Which Expression Do You Wear Lately?

How have the last few months been for you? What did your face look like? Answer our questions honestly and we'll show you what your most common expression probably was...
A minute ago, you were told that you have to lead a new project at work. You're not sure how much time you have for that, what would be your first reaction?
Tell people close to me and ask for their opinion
I'll make some time - It'll be OK!
I will tell my manager that this is unfair
I'll probably grumble for a while
Pick a heart color to send to someone you've been thinking about lately.
You have a free night. What are you up to?
Watching TV with someone I like
Watch funny videos online
Burn some energy
Read a book
You walked down the street an hour ago and saw a man slipping on a banana peel and falling on the sidewalk, what was your first reaction?
Help him and make sure he's not hurt
Start laughing - it's a classic!
Get annoyed that no one threw it in the trash
Saddened by the incident
What kind of movies and shows do you find yourself watching lately?
Light drama
Silly comedies
Action and thrillers
Melodrama or documentary
Which of these words do you relate to the most these days?
Your sister asks you to come to her to offer support after a fight with her partner, how will you try to help her?
Give her a big hug and listen to her
Try to make her smile and laugh
Get mad along with her at her stupid partner
Listen and share her distress
Which of these musical instruments fits your mood at the moment?
You are walking down the street when you spot someone who used to be a very good friend, but you had a fight a long time ago. What do you do?
I'll say hi and ask how they are doing
I'll say a polite hi and keep walking
Tell them exactly what I think about them
Ignore them, and probably end up thinking about them later
Which profession would you pick right now?
Lawyer or police officer
You must attend a big family dinner. How do you behave?
Enjoy the food and company
Try to lighten the atmosphere and entertain
Talk about politics
Sit silently and eat
Your partner surprised you with a birthday gift you don't like. What do you do?
It doesn't matter, the thought makes me feel good
I'll tell her the truth but make light of it so they don't feel offended
Get a bit annoyed that they spent money on something that's not right for me
Thank her but start to think what it means that they don't really know me
From your answers, it seems that, right now, you are in a great place, so this is the emoji that most represents you right now. We assume that this is because the people around you are supportive and loving and that you, at least lately, have an optimistic streak that, despite it being a very hard time in the world, keeps you going with a smile! We would not be surprised if a moment ago you received a photo from a mass of children and grandchildren, or someone reminded you how much you are loved. We hope that this burst of joy that has filled you is not momentary and that you will always spread an affection for the environment - and get back from it!
From your answers, you seem to be a person who likes to laugh and look at life with humor, so this face most represents you now. Because of this, we would not be surprised if you are a very social person who, despite the recent lockdowns, manages to make people around them smile and laugh, easing their minds and uplifting their emotions. We hope that this burst of laughter and this good mood is not momentary and that you will always be able to see the pink and funny side of life.
From your answers, it seems people have been getting on your nerves recently! nWe understand you - there are moments in life when you just feel like breaking the rules, getting up and show the world you've had enough. In the difficult days we live in, it is very easy to lose hope and get upset, so we will remind you that in most cases - the light at the end of the tunnel is revealed, even if it takes some time to do so.
From your answers, you seem a little sad and pensive at the moment, so this is the face that best represents you in these moments. This does not mean that you are a sad person who is always shedding a tear, but that things have been a bit hard lately. In our experience, such feelings can be quickly replaced by those that make us smile and laugh; we just need to open ourselves to the possibility. So there is a very high chance that if you answer this quiz tomorrow or even another hour - you will get a more positive result. We definitely invite you to do so when you feel a little more encouraged, and your answers will change accordingly.
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