If You Have These Symptoms, You Need More Vitamins!

Even though there are loads of remedies out there to make up for a lack of vitamins, people all over the world still suffer from vitamin deficiency. However, this is not a good enough reason to take loads of vitamins without knowing their full effects. A balanced diet gives the body all that it needs.

Below are 8 signs that your body will give you when you need more vitamins.

1. Hair Loss

Reason: A lack of vitamin B7 (biotin) from eating too many raw eggs. Raw egg whites contain avidin which blocks the body’s ability to digest biotin.

What to do: To increase your consumption of B7, eat more soybeans, almonds, potatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and bananas.

2. Cramping

Reason: Frequent cramping means that you lack calcium, potassium, and magnesium. This can occur if you do a lot of sports because when you sweat, a lot of minerals leave your body.

What to do: Eat more almonds, hazelnuts, bananas, and apples.

3. Rash on the Face

Reason: A lack of vitamin B7. Our bodies store other fat-soluble vitamins such as A, E, K, D, but the B-group vitamins have to be constantly restored.

What to do: Like with hair loss, you can increase your biotin levels by eating more potatoes, mushrooms, almonds, soybeans, spinach, and bananas.

4. Numbness in Your Limbs   

Reason: Not enough foods rich in vitamins B6, B12, and B9. These vitamins influence the nutritional blocks which are used for the production of healthy blood cells that are necessary for transporting oxygen to cells.

What to do: Eat more citrus, seafood, poultry, and beans.

5. Cracks in the Corners of Your Mouth

Reason: Cracks in the corners of your mouth signal that the body lacks vitamins B2, B3, and B12 which are rich in iron and zinc.

What to do: You should try to eat more fish, eggs, poultry, beans, and nuts. It’s also recommended to combine these foods with vegetables since vitamin C helps to fight infection and improves the metabolism of iron.

6. Bumps on Hips and Hands

Reason: Acne-looking bumps appear due to the lack of vitamins A, D, and fatty acids.

What to do: Try to decrease the amount of consumed trans-fat. You should eat more nuts and salmon. Don’t forget about vitamin A which can be found in vegetables such as carrots or sweet red peppers.

7. Affected Dental Issues

Reason: Vitamin D deficiency. Research has shown that people who lack vitamin D often suffer from periodontitis.

What to do: A diet which includes foods that are rich in phosphorous, calcium, and vitamin D is very important for the health of your teeth. Consume more dairy products, tomatoes, brown rice, beans, fish, citrus, and grapes.

8. Yellow in the Whites of Your Eyes

Reason: Lack of vitamin B12.

What to do: Include more sources of vitamins in your diet. There’s a lot of B12 in chicken and cow liver, salmon, tuna, mutton, and milk.

Source: brightside
Images: depositphotos

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