11 Natural Foods that Make Us Look Younger

Some people will try anything to look younger, but what many don’t know is that you don’t need expensive creams or surgeries to achieve the look you want. There are a number of natural ways to look younger that work better from the inside out. Make these foods part of your diet and you will get to know a more energetic and smoother you!



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Kiwis are packed with vitamin E, which helps protect cell membranes and guards against collagen damage to the skin by UV rays. Eat this sweet fruit by itself or in a delicious fruit salad.



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What is known as an aphrodisiac food, or a food meant to spur your sexual arousal, actually has miraculous anti-aging effects. Oysters are nature’s most concentrated form of zinc, a nutrient accredited with maintaining the collagen that keeps the skin firm. Zinc also plays an important role in encouraging the skin-cell renewal process. If you aren’t a fan of oysters, you should try to consume turkey instead as it is also rich in zinc.



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Salmon is a miracle fish and it tastes great! The fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, healthy fats that help form a barrier against cell-damaging free radicals that also allow nutrients into the body. Because salmon contains DHA, a form of omega-3 known to enhance your immune system and fight against skin cancer, it is a healthy and useful food to add to your anti-aging diet.

Brazil Nuts

brazil nutes

Brazil nuts have a number of outstanding benefits, one of them being their anti-aging properties. Brazil nuts have the highest selenium content of any food, which is good because this antioxidant inhibits aging by protecting the skin’s elasticity and reversing sun damage. Brazil nuts are now relatively easy to find, and can be eaten plain or added to a salad.

Whole Grains


whole grains

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It’s not a secret that whole grains have positive effects on your hair and your skin. Whole grain cereal is fortified with B vitamins, like folate, B6 and B12, which are important for maintaining the luster and shine of your hair. They work by setting off the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen and nutrients to your scalp and hair follicles. If you are not getting enough vitamin B, your hair may experience breakage, slow growth or even hair loss.


Butternut Squash


butternut squash

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This delicious sweet and natural treat can be very good for you! Butternut squash contains beta carotene, usually found in orange-hued vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots, which encourages hair growth. If you’re not getting enough beta carotene, your hair may become dry and lifeless, and you may experience the drying of the scalp or dandruff.

Lean Beef



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Eating a piece of lean meat or beef once in a while is a great way to maintain a healthy weight and could keep you looking younger! Lean beef contains keratin, part of the family of proteins responsible for the texture, shine and thickness of one’s hair. If you’re not getting enough keratin, your hair may look dull, unhealthy, and have a lack of volume.

Green Tea

green tea

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New research suggests that green tea may actually cure dandruff or itchy, flaking scalp. A study from the Medical College of Georgia suggests that tea may help regulate a protein in your body that controls the life cycle of skin cells, which, when overproduced, could result in dandruff.


Lemons and Limes

lemon and lime

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Lemons and limes are considered ‘high alkaline’, meaning that they prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Squeezing one wedge of lemon into your water or your afternoon tea will help neutralize the acidity in your mouth and in your skin, which will boost the production of collagen.

Low-Fat Milk


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If you are not drinking milk on a regular basis, you should probably start! Low-fat or full fat milks are a great source of vitamin D, which is important for keeping teeth and jawbones strong. A diet that is lacking in calcium can put you at risk for a number of diseases, such as periodontal disease, in which the gums and tooth enamel begin to erode.

Bell Peppers

bell pepper

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Bell peppers contain a high degree of vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the blood vessels and the connective tissue that hold your teeth in your jaw. If you are worried about your teeth falling out or becoming weak, make sure that you eat enough of these, and get your daily dose of vitamin C, so that you can wear off a number of dental and other kinds of diseases.

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