Silent Signs Of Allergies You Should Look Out For

Nowadays, allergies are more common than ever, with almost half of the population worldwide having experienced an allergic reaction at least once in their lifetime. Often, we can simply misattribute an allergy symptom as an age-related change in our body, a flu or some other health condition.
I myself suffer from allergies all the time, and know how a breakout or swelling can be easily blamed on hormonal changes or lack of sleep, even though it’s most likely my dust allergy acting out. That’s the main reason why it’s important to know how allergies can manifest themselves, and hopefully, you’ll be able to catch the culprit behind those swollen eyelids, itchy skin and fatigue, and get rid of it and the uncomfortable symptoms it triggers once and for all.
These are some silent signs of allergies that you might mistake for something else.

1. A (Kind Of) Stuffy Nose and Sore Throat

Do you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose, but then, in the morning, it seems to subside? It can be really frustrating, as you never know if it’s the beginning of a cold or nothing serious, especially when it’s accompanied by a dry or slightly sore throat.
If you know what we’re referring to and experience these symptoms all the time, no matter the temperature and humidity levels in the bedroom, you might be having an allergy.
silent signs of allergies common symptoms

2. Itchy, Irritated or Swollen Skin

Does your skin feel itchy and irritated, even though you’re moisturizing it and don’t see any rash or breakouts? Or do you wake up with a somewhat swollen face or eyelids in the morning? These signs may be a symptom of an allergy.
And though it is true that people with dry skin can also experience skin itching, especially in the winter, a constant itchiness should still be a warning sign for you. If swelling and itchiness is accompanied by other symptoms, such as headaches, a stuffed nose, or any other symptom we mention on this list, it may be caused by an allergy.
Foods, medications, supplements, fragrances, detergents, or anything else, really, can provoke these symptoms. You can be allergic to specific laundry detergents, for example, which can cause headaches, irritability, swelling and skin itching because we use it to clean our clothes, sheets and towels.

2. Experiencing Headaches, Fatigue and Irritability

silent signs of allergies Experiencing Headaches, Fatigue and Irritability
We have written a lot about the link between the body and the mind here on Babamail. Like many other physical conditions, allergies can take a toll on your mental health, too, causing irritability and nervousness. It makes sense, too, if you think about it, as it is very nerve-wracking indeed to feel slightly sick, itchy and swollen without a definite idea if it’s just a new normal for you, or a cause of concern.
Other related symptoms are exhaustion, mental tiredness and headaches. These two symptoms make you feel less focused and alert, too, which can really affect your productivity and life satisfaction.

4. Persisting Rash or a Recurrent Flare Up

If you experience skin rashes that flare up from time to time, possibly every season, it may indicate that you have an undiagnosed allergy. It doesn’t have to be allergic hives either, rosacea, eczema, acne and other skin conditions can all worsen due to an allergy.
Also, keep in mind that allergies are often systemic, which means that a rash on your back or on the tops of your hands, for example, can be caused by a food allergy or even an allergy to cat fur, and not necessarily a product that contacted with your hands or back.

5. A Persisting Cold or Sinus Infection

silent signs of allergies A Persistent Cold or Sinus Infection
A cold or sinus infection that doesn’t go away for a long time may be an allergy in disguise, especially when a treatment with antibiotics proves ineffective. This is especially true about seasonal allergies.
In fact, patients with serious undiagnosed allergies often mistake them for a respiratory infection and complain to the doctor about a cold or sinusitis, when in reality they just have an allergy.

6. Sensitive or Watery Eyes

One of the most common contact allergy symptoms are uncontrollably itchy eyes, but it rarely happens that you have such a strong reaction to an allergen that your eyes immediately turn red and start itching like crazy. If you feel that your eyes become more sensitive or watery when you’re outside and it’s windy, for example, it may indicate a dust allergy.
It is also often the case that some skincare or makeup products can make your eyes watery or red. As it is the case with all of these symptoms, you should observe and see if any other allergy symptoms accompany it, and if so, it may be worth a visit to a doctor.

7. Feeling Sick Only Outdoors or In a Specific Building

silent signs of allergies Feeling Sick Only Outdoors or In a Specific Building

Are you experiencing headaches and itchiness only when you’re in a library? Or, on the other hand, you feel tired and your nose is runny only when you spend time outside? It can mean that you have an allergy to a specific object found outdoors or indoors, be it pollen, mold, animals or anything else.

If you’re lucky, it can be seasonal, especially if it’s an allergy to a specific pollen. If not, it may something more general, like dust, in my case, which can trigger an allergic reaction both indoors and outdoors.

The Bottom Line. If you experience a combination of the symptoms we outlined in this article for an extended period of time, try to look for patterns and understand what product, object or animal could be triggering these symptoms. We tried to provide you many pointers and examples, but it is up to you to understand your own body’s reactions.

You physician or an allergologist will also help you figure out what might be causing your allergy and if it’s maybe something else, as well as be able to prescribe a suitable treatment. In the end, it is important to treat even minor allergy symptoms, as they can really affect your daily life, confidence and life satisfaction.

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