Using These 25 Medical Terms Will Impress Your Doctor

When you're feeling unwell and your doctor asks you to describe how you're feeling, you'll probably find yourself using words such as 'pain', 'inflammation', and 'swelling'. However, these are merely simplified terms that refer to a number of medical conditions. There are, in fact, far more technical terms that you can use, such as 'onychocryptosis' and 'sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia'. Below, you'll find 25 medical terms that you can use to impress your doctor next time you're feeling under the weather.


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1. Xerosis

If your dermatologist says that you're suffering from xerosis, there's no reason to be alarmed. This simply means that you've got some dry skin.

2. Cerumen

When you clean your ears, the stuff that comes out of them is known as cerumen. However, you most likely just call it earwax.

3. Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia

If you've ever eaten too much ice cream in a short span of time, you've probably experienced sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia, more commonly known as brain freeze.

4. Morsicatio Buccarum

Morsicatio buccarum is an uncommon condition that causes people to repeatedly bite down or chew on the inside of their mouth, which can lead to painful lesions.

5. Lachrymation

Many of us end up experiencing lachrymation after watching a sad movie. This is because this strange medical term actually refers to crying.

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6. Photalgia

If your eyes sting as soon as you step outside, then you might be a sufferer of photalgia, which is a kind of light-induced pain of the irises.

7. Epistaxis

If you've got rivers of blood flowing out of your nostrils, then you're currently suffering from epistaxis, also known as a nosebleed.

8. Proctalgia Fugax

This one literally means a pain in the butt! If you've got anal pain for no apparent cause, especially if it is accompanied by muscle spasms, then you're suffering from proctalgia fugax.

9. Xerostomia

Many different types of medication can cause your mouth to go dry, which is known in the medical community as xerostomia.

10. Bruxism

Your dentist may be concerned if you tell him you suffer from bruxism since this means that you involuntarily grind your teeth.

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11. Horripilation

This one is the medical term for goosebumps. It stems from the Latin words 'horrere', meaning to stand on end, and 'pilus', which is the Latin word for hair.

12. Fasciculation

If you feel your muscle fibers contracting under your skin, then you are experiencing fasciculation, also known as a muscle twitch.

13. Onychocryptosis

If you think having an ingrown toenail is painful enough, then wait until you have to explain to your doctor that you've got onychocryptosis!

14. Synchronous Diaphragmatic Flutter

This medical term refers to involuntary twitching in the diaphragm. You probably just call these twitches hiccups instead.

15. Cardialgia

There are certain foods which can cause people to experience cardialgia, which is far more commonly known as heartburn.

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16. Emesis

Most kinds of food poisoning or stomach bugs will be accompanied by a nasty wave of emesis, which means nausea.

17. Gustatory Rhinitis

If eating spicy food makes your nose runny, then you're experiencing gustatory rhinitis.

18. Veisalgia

I've you've been out all night enjoying one drink after another, then you're probably going to wake up with a bad case of veisalgia the next day, more commonly known as a hangover.

19. Vasovagal Syncope

For some people, the mere sight of blood is enough for them to experience a vasovagal syncope, meaning that they have fainted.

20. Odontalgia

If you're experiencing odontalgia, you'd better see a dentist as soon as possible. This is because odontalgia literally means toothache.

Doctors and Nurses

21. Otalgia

Many people find that changes in an airplane's cabin pressure can cause otalgia, more commonly known as an earache.

22. Pyrexia

Pyrexia is an unfortunate part of many different medical conditions. You probably refer to it as a fever, though.

23. Hyperhidrosis

People who suffer from hyperhidrosis can break out in a sweat at any time, whether they're working out at the gym or even on a cold winter's night while sitting outdoors.

24. Crepitus

If you ever hear a popping and cracking sound coming from your joints, then know that that sound is called crepitus.

25. Diplopia

If you drink enough liquor, you'll probably start seeing two of everything. This is known in the medical community as diplopia, and is a sign that you should probably put down the bottle!



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