Do Your Eyes Often Twitch? Here's Why & How to Stop It

Eye twitching, eyelid spasms, and eyelid tics are collectively known as 'myokymia' and are a fairly common occurrence in today's high-stress world. Typically, eye twitches only affect the lower eyelid of a single eye, however the upper eyelids of both eyes can also twitch under certain circumstances. Below, you'll find the 8 most common causes of eye twitching and how to deal with them:



1. Eye StrainEye Twitching
If you need a change of glasses, however minor the change may be, this can cause vision-related stress, which may trigger eye twitching. Eye strain can also occur after using a computer, smartphone or tablet. In both cases, it would be best to go straight to an eye doctor, especially if your job requires you to stare at a computer screen on a daily basis.
2. StressEye Twitching
A twitching eye can be a sign that you are experiencing a significant amount of stress in your life, particularly if you are also experiencing eye strain occasionally. Try breathing exercises or yoga to help de-stress and hopefully get rid of any eye twitches too.
3. FatigueEye Twitching
If you're not getting enough sleep, due to stress, illness or any other reason, you may end up experiencing twitching eyelids. Thankfully, as soon as you catch up on your missed sleep, your eye twitching should go away.
4. CaffeineEye Twitching
Consuming too much caffeine is another common cause of eye twitching. If you think this is the case, try cutting down on the amount of tea, coffee, soft drinks and chocolate that you consume for at least a couple of weeks, and see if your condition improves.
5. Alcoholic DrinksEye Twitching
Much like caffeine, alcohol is also known to cause eye twitching. Try abstaining from alcohol for a while if you think alcohol use is the underlying cause.
6. Eye AllergiesEye Twitching
There are a number of eye allergies that are known to cause swelling, itching, watery eyes, and even eye twitching. If you think you have an eye allergy, then contact your doctor, who will likely prescribe you with antihistamine eye drops or tablets to help alleviate your symptoms.
7. Dry EyesEye Twitching
If your eyes feel dry or gritty while your eyelids are twitching, then dry eyes may be the cause of your myokymia. After getting a dry eye evaluation done by a professional, your doctor will be able to discuss ways to restore moisture to your eyes, and thus alleviate the twitching.
8. Nutritional ImbalancesEye Twitching
Certain nutrient deficiencies, magnesium, in particular, are believed to trigger eyelid spasms. If eating more magnesium-rich foods, such as black beans and spinach, doesn't help you, then we'd recommend getting a nutrient deficiency test done, just in case.



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