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Inhaling Hydrogen Peroxide: The Health Trend That Could Ruin Your Lungs

 As seen on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, the latest health trend is inhaling hydrogen peroxide as a means of protection against Covid-19. Supposedly, this can help disinfect your breathing airways. Sounds logical, doesn't it? Except it is not! Beware of this trend as it has absolutely no root in any scientific study whatsoever. Not only is this not effective, but it is also potentially harmful. Read on to equip yourself with the facts.
Remember: it's better to navigate the pandemic
with knowledge and facts, rather than fear!

What Will Happen if I Inhale Hydrogen Peroxide?

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Drinking hydrogen peroxide as a preventative measure against Covid-19 may cause some diarrhea from deactivating bacteria in your gut. The risk is not lethal, it won't burn you like drain cleaner or bleach would.
The risks and severity of possible internal injury depend on the percentage of hydrogen peroxide: greater than 10% poses a risk of internal injury.
The fumes can harm alveoli (where the lungs and the blood exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide). Additional damage may be bubbling in internal tissues due to a fizzing reaction with bacteria and dead skin.
Drinking hydrogen peroxide as a DIY treatment method for Covid-19 poses even greater risks as it can worsen inflammation. 
Instead of exposing yourself to false information and fear-mongering on social media, turn to legitimate sources of information. These are the FDA, CDC, or the Department of Health in your state. 
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How Can I Utilize the Substance Safely?

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hydrogen peroxide is an effective cleaner and stain remover, especially when it comes to dried blood stains on clothes. Pour some on the stain. If it fizzles, it's working! In medicine, you may be requested to swish and spit hydrogen peroxide before dental treatments. 
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Luckily, the trend is still new. There hasn't yet been a case of hydrogen peroxide-related injuries in US hospitals. Help us nip the trend in the bud and share this article with your close ones. 
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