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How To Safely Remove Disposable Gloves

  Unlike masks, the CDC did not issue any official guidelines recommending the general public to wear gloves when leaving the house. Wearing gloves does provide some protection by creating a barrier between your skin and potentially contaminated surfaces, and they can be helpful for disinfecting your home, or if you’re taking care of someone suffering from Covid-19. However, if you're using gloves, there are a few important steps to remember on how to properly remove them and dispose of them so that they don’t cause more harm than good.
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How To Remove and Dispose of the Gloves Safely

It is important to note that wearing gloves does not mean you don’t have to wash your hands as frequently. That is the tricky thing about them, they can create a false sense of security, but once you have touched anything, you should assume the gloves are contaminated and act accordingly.

Follow these tips when wearing and removing disposable gloves:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before putting the gloves on.
  • To remove your first glove safely, grasp it from the outside and peel it off without touching your bare skin​.
  • Now comes the question we’ve all been waiting to ask - how do you safely remove the second glove without touching it? Tuck the fingers of your bare hand inside the glove, and invert it carefully before taking it off. That way, you avoid touching the outer, potentially contaminated, part of the glove.
  • Put both used gloves in the garbage​.
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds at least after removing the gloves.

Even if you are planning on putting a fresh pair of gloves, you should not skip washing your hands before changing.
The CDC has created an infographic to make the steps easier to understand and follow.

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How To Remove and Dispose of the Gloves Safely

What Type of Gloves Should I Use?

Health experts recommend sticking to medical rubber latex gloves rather than improvised makeshift ones, like your winter pair. The reasoning for this is that these gloves may be too thick to invert while removing them and they cannot be tossed away after use. They need to be disinfected, and that can be difficult to do properly each time. 

That is also the general reason that gloves remain an aid for medical staff rather than the general public. They are helpful, but only when minded correctly. If you do not have a pack of gloves, there is no need to run and get one especially, as washing your hands properly still remains Covid-19’s most successful annihilator. 

Bonus Video: How to Safely Remove Your Disposable Gloves

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