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8 Pressure Points For Kidneys

The kidneys are a vital part of the human body. Most people know that their main function is to remove waste products and excess fluid through urine, but they also produce and secrete a number of hormones. Therefore, when something is wrong with the kidneys, the problem will exhibit itself in more ways than just through the urine. Of course - if you feel there is a problem in even just one of the kidneys, it is extremely important to seek medical help. Until you do so, it’s handy to know that there are several ways to ease kidney-related pain by applying pressure on certain points in the body.

This list contains 8 anatomical points of pressure, which you can massage depending on the ailment you suffer from. It is recommended to repeat the exercise twice a day.
Please note, this is NOT to be done instead of a doctor’s appointment but only to ease symptoms in the meantime. Pregnant women should AVOID massaging pressure points altogether. 
How to Reduce Kidney Related Symptoms Quickly and Easily

To Treat Difficulty Passing Urine

Urinary retention can occur for a number of causes, such as nerve problems, certain medications, or a blockage resulting from benign prostatic hyperplasia in men. To ease the symptoms while waiting to receive medical treatment, you may massage these 2 pressure points:

1. LV8

This pressure point is located on the inner part of your knee joint. Massaging it may also ease pain in the lower abdomen, excessive sweating, insomnia, depression, and skin conditions, such as psoriasis. 

2. UB39


This pressure point is found on the outer frontal part of the knee. Massaging it not only reduces difficulty in passing urine but also reduces stiffness in the lower back and frequent muscle spasms in the legs and palms. 

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To Treat Frequency in Passing Urine

If you have to excuse yourself between 4-10 times a day in order to visit the bathroom - that is completely normal. If it happens more frequently than that, however, it might be best to consult your GP. Frequent urination could point to a UTI, kidney stones, or ovarian cysts. Another likely culprit could be prescription drugs you take on a daily basis. While waiting to receive medical treatment, you may massage these 2 pressure points:

3. CV4

  CV4 To Treat Frequency in Passing Urine
This point is located in the center of your pelvis, about 7 cm (3 inches) underneath your belly button. Massaging it may reduce the frequency of your body feeling the need to urinate, as well as help with irregular periods and diarrhea. 

4. K3

K3 To Treat Frequency in Passing Urine
This point can be found in the dent that’s right above the inner ankle bone. Massaging it can balance the bladder’s need to empty itself as well as ease toothaches, asthma attacks, prevent vomiting and even prevent frostbite.

To Treat Kidney Infections

Pyelonephritis is an inflammation of the kidneys caused by a bacterial infection (typically Escherichia coli). Symptoms include high fever, pain in passing urine, and high resting heart rate. If you suffer from these combined symptoms, it is strongly recommended to seek medical treatment. In the meantime, you may massage these 2 pressure points:

5. LU7

To Treat Kidney Infections: LU7
This point is underneath your wrist. You can measure the exact distance using your thumb. Massaging it may ease kidney inflammation symptoms, migraines, a sore throat and wrist pains.

6. SP10

To Treat Kidney Infections: SP10

To find this point, bend your knees and place your palm on the inner part of your knee. You should feel a bump - the pressure point is located three horizontal fingers above the end of the bump, towards the inner thigh. Massaging it helps ease kidney inflammation symptoms, period pain, acne breakouts and it may prevent problems with the thyroid gland.

To Ease Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a condition in which the kidneys function at less than 15% of normal, and the blood going through them is not filtered properly. The symptoms may include fatigue, loss of appetite and vomiting. Those suffering from complications of severe cases may also experience high blood pressure and high heart rates. Not all symptoms always appear at once, but if you notice any of them, seek medical help immediately. In the meantime, you can massage these 2 pressure points:

7. SP9

To Treat Kidney Failure SP9
This point is located on the inner part of your leg, right below the knee - you can bend the knee to help you find, it but massage it with your leg straight. Massaging SP9 may improve the kidney’s ability to filter and remove waste, and get rid of excess fluid. Another function of this pressure point is to improve libido.

8. LV5

 To Treat Kidney Failure LV5
To find this pressure point, place 7 horizontal fingers over the inner ankle bone (tibia). Other than improving the kidney's ability to filter blood, massaging it may also help with chronic fatigue, strengthen the immune system, and ease the side effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients. 
Image Source: Herbalshop, modern reflexology


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