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Learn All About The Liquid of Life

 Water is the liquid of life. We are, in fact, made up of more than 70% water! So is the earth, for that matter. Water is indeed where most chemical and electrical activity in our bodies operate. Without water, there would be no life on this planet. No life at all. Below you'll find 11 of our water guides. From healthy and flavored water recipes to the dangers of not drinking enough or drinking too much. Enjoy learning all about the most important liquid in the world.
Nothing beats drinking water, it’s nature’s clear and refreshing gift to our bodies. So here are 9 great recipes that are not only delicious but also have fantastic health benefits.
Although this may be an extreme case, lead can easily find its way into the water you drink, and there are several reasons why you wouldn't want it to end up there. Allow us to inform you on the matter.
This fascinating video, brought to you by Ted-Ed, breaks down why drinking water is essential, and what would happen to our bodies if we didn't drink any.

6 Natural Ways to Prevent Excessive Water Retention

Here are 6 of the most common causes of edema and some excellent tips on how to avoid or remedy the condition.
Although it may be quick and easy to just drink straight out of a bottle, there are actually various reasons why you shouldn't do so. Read on.

A lot of physicians recommend drinking a glass of warm water as it has many health benefits and can help alleviate certain ailments. Here are 10 health benefits of drinking warm water.

When I first came across this information, it shocked me, but I thought that it was a highly relevant thing to share with you since these hidden dangers of drinking ice water aren't very well-known. Here they are.
Water is so important, but so many of us don't drink enough of it. Here are 9 tips that'll help you consume more water.
Drinking too much water is just as bad as drinking too little. Here are 8 signs you're drinking too much water.
Water is life, and it matters what kind of water you drink. Do you know these 9 types of water and what they can do for your health?
This video will make you stop and think for a second the next time you're having a glass of water as you remember the brightly colored experiments that this video shows us you can do with water.
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