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The Effects of Added Sugar

 There's no denying that sugar makes food taste better. Yet, while we don't associate all foods as having a sweet taste, sugar can be found in most foods. Just take a look at the label on your loaf of bread, or a jar of pasta sauce! Overloading on sugar on a daily basis can affect your health, and not just through diabetes. Read through some of the signs your body is giving you when you have consumed too much sugar:
1. Brain Fog
effects of sugar

If you are having trouble focusing, concentrating or remembering things it may be because refined sugars cause fluctuations in your blood sugar levels, resulting in brain fog and mental confusion. So, if you drop the extra sugar, you'll likely notice a change in your cognitive function. 

2. Headache

Too much sugar causes a spike in your blood sugar levels, which in turn causes blood vessels in the brain to constrict, leading to headaches. 

3. Digestive Issues
effects of sugar

When you have consumed too much sugar, it feeds yeast and bad bacteria in the gut. That fermented food and gut imbalance leads to bloating, constipation, IBS symptoms, and flatulence. 

4. Mood Swings

Symptoms of anxiety or depression aren't uncommon given that your system constantly crashes and jumpstarts from sugar intake. 

5. Sluggishness
effects of sugar

Your blood sugar levels are linked to your energy levels. This means that a diet that is high in sugar and empty calories will inevitably lead to quick energy bursts and long-lasting burnouts. This will cause you to feel tired and sluggish often unless you cut down on sugars and eat more protein and whole foods. 

6. Breakouts

Too much sugar can cause pimples and other skin ailments. So be sure to watch out for the sweet stuff as well as foods with a high glycemic index. Sugar can trigger acne through increased sebum production and by interfering with your hormones. 

7. Cravings
effects of sugar

Sugar can make you crave more food, keeping the 'high' going. It plays a role in releasing dopamine, making you feel like eating it again soon after a meal or a snack - meaning that your addiction to sugar is probably kicking in. While it tastes good, once the crash occurs you don't feel full and you'll likely end up hungry again. 

8. Beware of other labels for sugar

Sugar is not always listed in the same way. Take note of other words on labels including, brown sugar, corn syrup, invert sugar, sucrose high fructose corn syrup, molasses, and cane juice. 

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