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Understanding the Symptoms of a Brain Tumor

 Being diagnosed with cancer will always be a terrifying and devastating thing, but cancer of the brain is said to be the scariest and most serious of them all. That's why it is vital that everyone is aware of the symptoms of this terrible disease so that it can be picked up and treated before it's too late.


Brain Tumor

1. Short-term memory loss

If you're finding it difficult to remember what you ate for breakfast or what your best friend's phone number is, then this may be a sign of a brain tumor. If this is the case, you may also discover that you're finding it more difficult to multitask or that you're becoming far more easily confused.

2. Persistent headaches

One of the most commons signs of a brain tumor is the development of persistent headaches. In fact, according to the American Brain Tumor Association, about half of all people with a brain tumor experience such headaches. These headaches typically don't respond to pain medication and are usually the worst in the mornings and when sudden movements are made.

Brain Tumor

3. Sudden onset of seizures

If you've never had a seizure before, experiencing one may be one of the first signs of a brain tumor. This occurs because a tumor may apply pressure to the brain's nerve cells, which can end up triggering a seizure. Around 50% of people with a brain tumor experience at least one brain seizure, according to the American Cancer Society.

4. Depression

At least 25% of brain tumor sufferers experience a major depressive disorder, which can include prolonged feelings of indescribable misery, which can interfere with day-to-day living. Many often feel as if there is no hope or that their existence has no value.

Brain Tumor

5. Mood swings

According to Mike Chen, MD, Ph.D., associate professor in the division of neurosurgery, department of surgery, at City of Hope in California, "a large, slowly growing tumor in the frontal lobe can alter personality and judgment so far as to be mistaken for criminal behavior or psychiatric problems.” If you notice that your personality seems to rapidly alter itself from one moment to the next, it might be a good idea to get yourself checked.

6. Extreme fatigue

If you're utterly exhausted all day every day, then this may be a sign of a cancerous brain tumor. Some sufferers report a complete loss of focus, and even falling asleep at their desks while at work. Others say that their limbs sometimes feel very heavy and that they feel a lot physically weaker than usual.

Brain Tumor

7. Hearing problems

Sudden hearing problems can also be a sign of a brain tumor. According to Dr. Christopher Carruba, MD, co-director for medical education at Med School Tutors, "if you’re experiencing hearing loss from one side or a constant ringing sensation, known as tinnitus, you’ll want to make an appointment with your doctor, who can determine whether your symptoms are severe enough to see a neurologist.”

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