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8 Kinds of Pain Linked to Emotional States

 Any type of physical pain is associated with an injury, disease, disorder or condition. However, emotional turmoil can manifest itself in the form of real, actual physical pain. Your body and spirit are more intertwined than we tend to think. So, if you start to experience a physical ache that you cannot attribute to a tangible cause, chances are the culprit behind it is your emotional state. So, if you want to effectively treat that pain, you need to discover its root cause. Here are 8 types of physical pain that are caused by your varying emotional states.
1. Headache
pain to emotional states

If you suffer from severe headaches when things appear to be challenging in your life, your headaches are likely caused by stress. This kind of headache is extremely common and recurring. For this reason, popping a painkiller may not be such a good idea. Instead, you should try treating it by doing things you love or activities that relax you such as reading, meditating or taking a walk. 

2. Neck Ache

Pain in the back of your neck arises when you find it difficult to let something or someone go. This can also be linked to an unwillingness to forgive and forget, be it yourself or somebody else. In this scenario, you need to remember that neither you nor anyone else is perfect and it's best that you move on, as opposed to hold on. If moving on is not an option, change your perspective and try to forgive people instead. 

3. Shoulder Ache
pain to emotional states

If something has been bothering you a lot lately, this emotional blockage can result in pain in your shoulders. This pain will continue to persist until you stop ignoring what the issue you're dealing with is. To fix this kind of pain, you need to search within yourself and figure out what the problem really is. Once you discover the root of the problem try to come up with a solution that can end it once and for all. 

4. Upper Backache

When you don't get the emotional support you need, especially from people you rely on, you may feel a stiffening pain in your upper back. This pain is caused by feelings of loneliness or being unappreciated or unloved. The only way to overcome this is to mix with new people who will make you feel good about yourself. This will help in ridding of loneliness too. 

5. Lower Backache
pain to emotional states

If you find yourself embroiled in worries concerning your financial situation, you will experience pain in the lower back. Money issues can get bothersome and depressing too. But if you want to stop the worrying as well as the subsequent pain, you need to take matters in your hands. This means planning your finances more efficiently. 

6. Elbow Ache

An achy elbow is caused by a stagnant life. That is why, at times, it is good to break the mold and do something different. Shaking things up in your life will bring about a much-needed change that opens you to new experiences. It is also one of the better ways to cure the pain in your elbows. 

7. Hand Ache
pain to emotional states

While it may be rare, at times you may feel a tingling pain in your hands. This pain surfaces when you fail to connect to the people in your life the way that you would want to. It could also stem from associating yourself with toxic people. If this is the case, you need to go out and expand your social horizons by meeting up with new people. 

8. Hip Ache

The hips and legs are closely connected. A pain in the hip can indicate an unwillingness to take a step ahead in life. You may do this out of fear of the unknown or thinking that your life may get worse than it is. However, you need to keep in mind that some of the best things in life happen when you are ready to put your fear aside and take the plunge. Don't be afraid to take risks and step out of your comfort zone as life may pleasantly surprise you. 

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