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10 Sure Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

 According to figures from the American Society for Suicide Prevention, each year, about 45,000 Americans commit suicide. In fact, it's considered to be the 10th most common cause of death in the United States. While there are no official reasons behind suicide attempts, medical experts concur that undue stress, severe anxiety and chronic, debilitating depression are leading factors. And while it may come as a surprise, among the most afflicted demographics, are middle-aged, high earning, successful individuals. 
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Possible reasons may include long hours and excessive stress, which makes such individuals more vulnerable to anxiety, sleep disorders, weight change, substance abuse and depression. High earning individuals generally have more responsibility and more to lose. They may also believe that they are immune and may be too busy or frightened to seek help. Nevertheless, anyone who is feeling the weight of the world, or may be experiencing suicidal ideation to any degree, it is possible to correct course. Here are some factors that may help you or anyone you may know dealing with mental health issues:


1. Use the buddy system

Select a trusted person, be it a colleague or a good friend, and instruct them to pull you aside whenever they notice you raising your voice. This person can help make you aware of certain behaviors that you are trying to minimize. Let them know that you demand honesty, no matter how harsh the truth may be to hear. 

2. Know how to say “no”
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Anyone who may feel like they have too much on their plate needs to be able to say no to more tasks without feeling regret. Planning and delegating can help. You should also schedule regular appointments into your week, like a tennis lesson, so that you are not always reacting to the needs of others. 

3. Develop a healthy arrogance

A great employee believes unequivocally that they can ace a job. One of the best ways to nurture this belief is by reviewing past success and identifying times when you faced similar obstacles and overcame them. 

4. Prioritize you
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Getting enough sleep and exercising should be a top priority. It all comes down to discipline and planning. Be sure to stop working at a reasonable hour and schedule exercise as if it were a meeting with a client.  

5. Delegate ruthlessly

Any good manager will relinquish tasks that others can do so that they can focus on the things they only can do. 

6. Generate a solution that you can implement immediately
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Recognize your workload. Notice if you are trying to do two-and-a-half days of work in three hours. The immediate solution: Delay doing one item on your list and deal with it at another time. 

7. Be comfortable with discomfort

Try renaming anxiety, calling it opportunity instead. Most of us think of as anxiety as something to avoid, but it's actually fuel for positive change. Anxiety is a natural emotion that exists in the gap between where we are and where we want to be. A good leader sees anxiety as a productive energy for themselves and their organizations. 

8. Create a three-legged life
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Create a buffer against stress by securing balance in the three areas of your life: your home, your work, and your self. This works as when one goes down, you have two others to hold you up. 

9. Pick the low-hanging fruit

Faced with seemingly impossible challenges? Immediately pinpoint at least one piece of the problem that you can control, then attack it. Shift into the take-charge mode, meeting the challenge from a position of strength, as opposed to feeling its mercy. This will buck up your confidence and set you on a path of action. 

10. Relive the past to face the future
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While things may look bleak, chances are you've faced bleak offs before. Be mindful of your feelings and remember how you triumphed over past setbacks, giving you the confidence to face whatever may be lurking around the corner. 
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