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8 Pressure Points for Treating Skin Problems

 Medical services around the world have adopted reflexology and acupuncture techniques to treat various problems since they can relieve pain and relieve us from a variety of diseases that our bodies suffer from. Throughout history, many reflexology and acupuncture specialists have also used these techniques to treat various skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, shingles, fungus, and seborrheic dermatitis.


By massaging certain points throughout the body, many people experience relief from the symptoms of these diseases within a few weeks. The reason for this is that these skin conditions correlate with various organs in the body and pressure points target these same organs. If you want to take advantage of the power of these methods yourself, know the 8 pressure points that will give you clean, smooth and healthy skin.

1. Reflexology for the adrenal glands

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Itchy skin diseases are usually caused by the body’s inflammatory response, which can affect certain layers of the skin and spread to different areas. This pressure point helps stimulate the function of the adrenal glands and cure skin diseases that cause itching. Sit comfortably and massage the palm of your foot in a circular motion using your thumb focusing right under the pad of your big toe for 5 minutes. If you feel that the point starts to hurt a bit, you’re pressing it correctly. Repeat the massage on the other foot as well, and do it every day.

2. Reflexology for the thyroid gland

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The thyroid is the organ to target if you want to improve the overall health of your skin. Thyroid dysfunction can lead to various problems that mainly cause dryness and skin allergies. This point is located in the joint of the big toe and massaging it can balance the activity of the thyroid gland. Sit comfortably and hold your foot in your hand, place your thumb between the big toe and the second toe, and gently press the toe joint for 7-8 minutes until you feel general relaxation. Repeat it on the other foot and do it every day.

3. Acupressure for the liver

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Almost all skin diseases are related to the liver, and massaging the pressure point that correlates with it will help this vital organ remove infections and toxins from your skin. The liver pressure point can be found in the center of the palm, above the wrist and under the index finger. Hold the point with your thumb and massage it while applying pressure for 5 minutes. Different points of the palm may hurt. If this happens, message the same spots for 3 minutes and then change hands and massage the second hand at the same point, go back and massage the points that hurt. In a few weeks, you will experience a significant change in skin health if you massage this point daily.

4. Acupressure for the gallbladder

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Massaging the gallbladder pressure point can revive the digestive system and help it remove toxins from the body more efficiently. You’ll find this point in the palm of the hand between the base joint of the pinky and the joint after it, where a ring would rest. Place your thumb on the point and press it for 2-3 minutes. Repeat with your other hand and do it every day.

5. Acupressure for the pituitary gland

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Massaging this point will help your skin absorb more minerals and vitamins, as well as improve blood flow to the pituitary gland, which secretes a hormone called MSH whose role is to stimulate melanocytes in the skin to secrete melanin. You will find this point on your thumb pad - massage the top of your thumb pad for 5 minutes. Do this with your other hand and make sure to repeat every day.


6. "The Third Eye"

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This point also affects the pituitary gland, whose functioning helps to improve overall skin health. You will find it between the eyebrows in the area where the forehead and the bridge of the nose meet. Press the point with your index finger and gently massage it for 60 seconds daily to experience an improvement in your skin condition.

7. “The Heavenly Pillar" 

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This pressure point can relieve you not only of various skin problems but also of exhaustion, insomnia, and a sore throat. It is at the base of the skull on either side of the neck, and you must massage it for 3 minutes. Do this once a day and you’ll experience positive results within a few weeks.

8. "Heavenly Appearance"

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Massaging this point affects the activity of the thyroid gland and helps improve the appearance of the skin in general. It also helps to balance thyroid activity, so it is recommended for those who suffer from hypotension or hyperactivity of the gland. You’ll find it under the jaw in a straight line from the earlobe and down. Press this point gently for 3 minutes and repeat every day.
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