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Surprising Reasons Your Head is Pounding

 Headaches can creep up on us unexpectedly. The usual culprits tend to be, too much alcohol, skimping on sleep and things of the sort. But, studies have shown that there are some new surprising reasons why your head may be hurting. Here are 8 culprits that may be causing you a headache:

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1. Hors-d'oeuvres
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Foods that are smoked, pickled, dried or aged - unfortunately all the good stuff like cheeses, salami and smoked salmon - contain sulfites which may dilate your blood vessels causing a headache. Wine is also a surprisingly common allergy, particularly among women, so you may want to lay off that too. 
2. The weekend
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This may seem a little unusual, but when you work your butt off all week, spending your Saturday nursing yourself from a mini-migraine may seem rather annoying. But this headache trigger is likely due to a caffeine withdrawal, especially if you tend to wake up later on weekends, as this means that your cup of joe is getting into your system later too. 
3. Your closest relationships
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Relationship stress can be a big source of head pain. When you're feeling anxious, we are more likely to take shorter breaths. Consequently, the less oxygen we inhale, the more the blood vessels constrict, causing a headache. In addition, stress can make you clench your teeth which surprisingly can cause tension headaches too. 
4. Your computer screen
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Staring at a screen all day puts an enormous amount of strain on your eyes. Also, the variation in light and the brightness of your screen activates your retina and the nerves behind your eye, which can cause head pain. Your posture may also be another trigger for your headaches. 
5. The gas station
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People who suffer from headaches may have a sensitivity to a specific smell which can often trigger a killer headache. The most common scents that trigger such reactions include gasoline, tobacco, and perfume. 
6. Your hairstyle
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While your chignon may look good, it may be causing you a headache if it's too tight, primarily because ponytails and other up-dos tend to pull on your scalp, causing tension. 
7. Your phone addiction
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Looking down at your iPhone or tablet puts a lot of pressure on your neck which can trigger a headache at the back of the head and around the temples. Another cause may be staring at a screen all day too as the time you spend looking at your phone can intensify eye strain. 
8. A beautiful day
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At times, the cause of a headache may be from sunshine on a sunny summer day, or the sun's reflection on the snow. The glare can interfere with your brain's thalamus, the area of the brain that sends pain signals to your body causing an instant ache. 
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