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10 Things in Your Home That Can Cause Cancer

 When it comes to cancer, you can never be too careful, since there are so many things all around us that can end up causing it. Now, some of the world's top toxicology experts have pointed out that many of the things we find in our homes may end up causing cancer, and here are ten of the most surprising ones, and what you can do about them to reduce the risks associated with them:
1. Your Couch
Cancer in Your Home

Many sofas, mattresses, and other types of cushioned furniture are treated with a flame retardant, called TDCIPP, which is known to cause cancer. Prior to 2013, TDCIPP was so commonly used that researchers at Duke University found in it 100% of the blood of people they tested.

To reduce your risk of getting cancer from your couch, you might want to consider replacing any cushioned furniture that you bought prior to 2013, and to thoroughly check the labels on any new furniture that you buy in the future.

2. Your Old Refrigerator
Cancer in Your Home

Many old appliances have been found to contain carcinogenic substances known as PCBs. While they are no longer commercially manufactured in the US, these harmful PCBs are still being made use of in many developing countries, and out of all the PCBs that have ever been created, around 70% of them are still present in the environment today.

To make your home a safer place, we'd recommend replacing any old fridges, appliances, and fluorescent light fixtures with new ones.

3. Your Closet
Cancer in Your Home
Perchloroethylene, a chemical that's commonly used in the dry-cleaning process, also known as tetrachloroethylene, is a cancer-causing agent that can end up accumulating anywhere that you store your dry-cleaned clothes. We'd recommend choosing a dry cleaner who doesn't make use of this nasty chemical to help make the air in your closet a lot safer to breathe in.
4. Styrofoam Cups
Cancer in Your Home
Styrene is a widely-used carcinogen in the production of polystyrene plastics, which are what most styrofoam cups and containers are made of. If you use them to store hot liquids, such as tea, coffee or soup in, styrene may end up leaching into the liquid, which can end up causing cancer. We'd recommend using more reusable types of containers instead.
5. Library Books
Cancer in Your Home
According to the Library of Congress and other US government sources, library books, museum exhibits, and even certain medical supplies are often fumigated with a carcinogen known as ethylene oxide. Limit your exposure to this chemical by not storing books in places with little ventilation. It would also be a good idea to wash your hands after reading a library book.
6. Your Weed Killer
Cancer in Your Home
Nobody likes to have a garden full of weeds, but by using herbicides like Roundup, which contains glyphosate, a known cancer-causing agent, you could be increasing your risk of getting cancer. We'd recommend making use of these natural weed killers instead.
7. Your Granite Kitchen Counter
Cancer in Your Home
Radon is a carcinogenic element that is formed naturally from the radioactive breakdown of uranium in soil and rocks, including in the granite found in many kitchen counters. If you have a granite counter installed, you might want to get your home's radon levels measured, to make sure that it hasn't decayed enough to start releasing radon particles into the air.
8. Your Leather Furniture
Cancer in Your Home
Tanned leather, wooden furniture, cement, and certain textiles can all contain the cancer-causing element, Chromium VI. As with TCIPP, it's very important to pay attention to furniture labels before handing over any money, so that you can ensure that what you're about to buy doesn't contain any unwelcome carcinogens. Don't be shy about asking salespersons about this (in writing) if you're unsure.
9. Your Cleaning Products
Cancer in Your Home
Many cleaning products, such as fabric softeners, dishwashing liquids, and carpet cleaners, contain a dangerous chemical called formaldehyde. You should avoid purchasing any of these products at all costs, and if you really must use them, at least ensure that your home is well-ventilated while you're using them.
10. Anything Made With PVC Vinyl
Cancer in Your Home
Products that are made out of PVC vinyl, such as flooring, blinds, shower curtains, or even wallpaper, often contain phthalates, which are believed to cause cancer, as well as complications during human reproduction or development. Experts recommend throwing out anything that could contain phthalates, and to opt for products made from natural materials instead.

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