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8 Signs You Need to Start Yoga

 We all know someone who does yoga. It’s clear that they’re dedicated to their practice, but how do you know if yoga is right for you? Well, your body knows, and it’s trying to tell you to start practicing yoga with these silent, or maybe not-so-silent signs.
1. Your Body is Tight

A tight body means that you need some of the dynamic movements that yoga can offer you. When people are new to yoga it’s easy to see that there is a lot of tightness and rigidity in the body. It’s easy to put this down to inflexibility, but that’s just too general. This inflexibility is a symptom in the body, but the root cause is often in the mind.

2. You Breathe Quickly

Short breaths can be a sign that you’re stressed. Learning how to breathe properly with yoga can help.

There is currently a lack of awareness about how to regulate the body towards a state of clarity and peace. We all have stress and worry in modern life and we are not informed about how we can stay centered using our breath and awareness in stressful situations or how to effectively move this out of our bodies and minds.

3. You Cannot Remember the Last Time You Relaxed

We’re not talking about going to the spa or on a vacation – but on a regular, routine day. By relaxing the body and following the breath in a yoga pose, we learn can learn how to relax the mind. 

4. You Suffer from a Foggy Brain

If you often have a hard time focusing, then it might be time to start yoga. Flows are sequences of different yoga poses. It is when we are in a flow state that we are at our most clear-thinking and creative selves. Being in flow with life is something we all aspire to. We learn to be in a flow state during a yoga pose, but we quickly realize that the same skills can be applied while giving a presentation in a boardroom, for example.


5. You Feel Unbalanced

This includes both mental and physical unbalance. Not being optimally centered, in flow, and at peace is one of the main causes for stiffness. Yoga challenges this part of ourselves to be better.

6. You Are Just Too Busy

No time for yoga? Then you really do need to sign up for a yoga class. Life is busy and very few of us have a connection to our innermost self. Whatever you call it; our soul, our inner light or just oxytocin, we have a cultural amnesia about this place in the heart. We want to get in touch with this place and this is where yoga comes in.

7. You Don’t Feel Like Your Days Have Purpose

The mind and body connection really does impact our confidence and ability to be grateful. Many people think that the biggest benefit they’ll get from yoga is flexibility. This is true, but the greatest gift is vitality and a connection to our higher vibration self. When people take up yoga, it’s easy to see that they have more purpose and more joy.

8. You’re Worried About Your Health

Don’t add stress to any risk factors you might have. Take control with yoga as it helps to increase immunity to so many different diseases. On the flip side, it’s incredible how much living in a state of stress shuts the immune system down. A study on Genomic counter-stress showed that in less than three months, yoga and meditation can change the expression of 500 genes.


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