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The Underlying Causes of 10 Facial Skin Issues

 Your face doesn't exist just to make you look pretty, but can also warn you about a number of different health issues. In fact, many kinds of internal issues, whether trivial or serious, can actually cause skin defects to appear on your face. Read on to find out more about the possible underlying causes of ten different skin issues.
1. Bags and dark circles under your eyes
skin defects
If such things have appeared recently, then you can get rid of them by tackling the underlying cause, which may be lack of sleep, allergies, hormonal changes, smoking, salty food, coffee, or overuse of alcohol. To get rid of them quickly but temporarily, you can try using specialist patches, a cold compress, or even a good concealer.
2. A red nose
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The blood vessels in the nose may become temporarily discolored due to allergies, emotional stress, temperature changes, or a runny nose. However, if your nose is permanently red, then you might want to review your lifestyle or get yourself checked by a skincare professional.
3. Yellowish eyes and face
skin defects
Yellow pigment tends to reveal itself as a result of too much waste accumulating in your body. This might be a sign of jaundice, so you should get your gallbladder, pancreas, and liver checked by a professional. You should also try and rule out infections like mononucleosis and hepatitis.
4. Birthmarks or moles appearing unexpectedly
skin defects
These are usually nothing to worry about, however, some moles can be more dangerous than others. If they are larger than a pea, jagged, or uneven in color, then you should get yourself checked by a doctor. No matter what your moles or birthmarks look like, you should always remember to use sunscreen and to avoid exposing yourself to the sun for too long.
5. Butterfly rashes
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A smallish rash on your face could be the result of excessive sugar consumption, allergies, improperly selected cosmetics, or even a changing climate. However, if it's in a butterfly shape, then it could be a symptom of lupus. Other symptoms of lupus include joint pain, fever, and blue fingers in cold weather.
6. Peeling skin around your nose and mouth
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Changes in the skin around your nose and mouth are often due to a lack of vitamins A, B, C or E in your body. Such peeling is often accompanied by poor concentration, general weakness, layered nails, or even hair loss. We'd recommend getting tested to find out which vitamins your body needs since you'll then be able to adjust your diet accordingly.
7. Sores around your mouth and lips
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Sores like these are normally caused by the type-1 herpes virus. Once you are infected, you will be a carrier for life, and sores could break out when your immune system is weak. While they typically disappear by themselves, you can find special ointments to treat them at most drugstores.
8. Cracked lips
skin defects
Cracks in your lips are usually caused by the weather, however, they may sometimes be the result of an allergy or even a response to a certain kind of medication. If you often end up with cracked lips, we'd recommend buying some lip balm, and to avoid licking your lips in the cold.
9. Hyperpigmentation on your face
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Having dark symmetrical spots on the bridge of your nose and cheeks is a classic symptom of melasma, a kind of hyperpigmentation. To avoid stimulating its growth, you should avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. However, to completely cure yourself of it, you might need to try chemical peelings, whitening cosmetics or laser therapy.
10. Thinning of your eyelashes or eyebrows
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This could be a sign of problems within your thyroid gland, such as hypothyroidism, which is a common issue among over-50s. If this is the case, then you may also experience dry skin, sluggishness, and even weight gain. If you're experiencing these symptoms, then we'd recommend paying a visit to your doctor, so that you can get yourself properly checked.
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