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Your Diet According to Your Blood Type

 We often think of the word "diet" as synonymous with weight loss, but in fact, it indicates a nutritional regime that fits the lifestyle we have chosen for ourselves. Dieting does not necessarily have to shed calories from our bodies, and some people choose a diet to sharpen their mental fitness or there overall wellbeing, but is there a diet that suits us according to our blood type?

Your blood type can tell you many things about your personality, and it can also provide insight into the benefits that certain foods provide to your body. Dr. Peter D’adamo, an expert on the Blood type Diets and author of “Eat Right For Your Type”, claims that your blood type can reveal a lot about your character and which foods best suit it.
Find your blood type below to read interesting details about your personality and your recommended diet: 

Blood type A

According to Dr. D’adamo, people with type A blood are people who look for structure, rhythm and harmony in their lives, striving to achieve peace of mind and thriving. They surround themselves with positive people who help them and support them. However, sometimes these people tend to be over-stressed, which can create hormonal imbalances in their bodies.

The recommended diet for people with type A blood
A vegetarian diet will work best for people with type A blood, as well as help them avoid various health problems like diabetes, coronary heart disease, and cancer. True, it is not easy to avoid meat, and switching to proteins that come from soy or eggs may seem boring, but these foods are exactly what your immune system needs in cases of hormonal imbalance. Whether you decide to give up meat or not, try to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils and different grains into your diet.
Blood type B

The main characteristics of people with type B blood are independent and flexible, and it is easier for them to thrive in a constantly changing environment. Usually, they are relaxed people who are not stubborn, at least no more than their friends or family, and they have an open mind that can see the positive and negative side of everything. People with type B blood have higher levels of cortisol when they are stressed, but as long as they maintain their health, they significantly reduce their risk of disease and tend to be stronger physically and mentally at advanced ages than people with other blood types.

The recommended diet for people with type B blood

Usually people with type B blood are not problematic with food, but in order to improve metabolism as much as possible and prevent fatigue or storage of liquids, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of foods such as corn, peanuts, lentils, and buckwheat. To maintain normal blood sugar levels, especially after a meal, people with type B blood should add more green vegetables, eggs, and low-fat dairy products to their food. With regard to meat, poultry may be problematic for them. Although it is considered lean meat, it contains sticky proteins called lectin, which may create blood flow problems and lead to stroke or heart disease. Instead of chicken, you can consume proteins from plant sources, or from lamb.

Blood type O

Blood type O is the only one with two antibodies, one against antigen A and one against type B antigen, and those with this type of blood are considered universal blood donors. Of all blood types, the bodies of blood type O have the best ability to digest all types of protein, fat, and calcium, because it tends to have more digestive enzymes that help absorb food. However, the negative side is that people with type O blood tend to be more susceptible to certain diseases, such as thyroid-related problems and infections, and they are also more susceptible to gastric problems.

The recommended diet for people with type O blood 

People with type O blood tend to be more impulsive and slightly fickle, so they can experience extreme mood swings. Dr. D’adamo suggests maintaining a balance in the body's chemicals with a diet that contains many proteins from lean meats, fish, vegetables and fruits, and also recommends consuming less wheat and beans and avoiding caffeine and alcohol, which can increase the level of adrenaline that is already high in people with this blood type.

Blood type AB

This is the rarest type of blood found in less than 5% of the world's population. In fact, until a few hundred years ago there were no people with this blood type. Blood type AB arises from a state in which a mixture of blood types is created that is not related to evolution or environmental factors. Therefore, people with AB blood type have characteristics that fit both blood type A and B. Usually, people with type AB feel mixed feelings about many things, are open and trust in other people, but at the same time may often feel isolated or distant from their friends. In general, people with AB blood type are very intuitive, sentimental, passionate and empathetic.

The recommended diet for people with AB blood type
People with blood type AB have lower levels of stomach acid, so it is harder for their bodies to digest proteins and tend to store more fats. Dr. D’adamo suggests that people with AB blood type should avoid caffeine and alcohol and, which will only increase the levels of stress they are likely to experience, and they should include green vegetables, tofu, and dairy products, and avoid smoked or canned meat that is difficult to digest for those with low amounts of gastric acids. Additionally, people with this blood type should divide their meals throughout the day and eat smaller portions in each meal, as well as avoid eating starches and proteins in the same meal so that their bodies can digest the food best.
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