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9 Reasons to Use Mint to Boost Your Health

 There's more to the benefits of mint than fresh breath and clean teeth. And while it can also be used to flavor salads, savory dishes, desserts and bowls of fruit, the properties of mint far exceed what we normally use this herb for. In fact, this aromatic herb can be used to soothe many bodily ailments from nausea to nasal congestion.

1. Soothes Nausea

Whenever you are feeling nauseous, chew on some mint. Its powerful smell can alleviate stomachaches and sooth headaches. To reap the benefits, crush up and chew on some mint leaves, smell a mint-flavored product, chew on some mint flavored gum or apply essential oil where needed.

2. Clears up Congestion

Mint contains menthol, which helps clear the sinus cavities. It also contains an anti-inflammatory agent, rosmarinic acid, which helps fight allergy symptoms. To clear your sinuses, drink peppermint tea or inhale the aroma of peppermint. 

3. Prevents Acne

Mint also contains vitamin A, which helps control excessive oil production. The antioxidants found in mint will help keep your skin healthy, clear and free from bacteria. You can apply mint to the skin topically, either as a paste or combined with other skin-boosting ingredients like cucumber or lemon juice. 

4. Improves Oral Hygiene

One of mint's well-known benefits lies in its ability to fight germs and mask smells. Opt for a toothpaste that contains mint and you can also swill a little bit of peppermint or spearmint oil (combined with water) in your mouth, killing any bacteria and leaving your breath incredibly fresh. 

5. Provides Powerful Antioxidants

In comparison to other food, mint ranks pretty high in terms of antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help destroy free radicals that can develop a host of illnesses if left untreated. Ingesting mint can, therefore, be rather beneficial for your health. Mint can be safely ingested in many ways. Add it to your water, teas or use it to flavor your food. 

6. Aids Digestion

For a healthy digestive process, eating or smelling mint is enough to activate the salivary glands in your mouth. Eat mint before or during a big meal to cleanse the palette and prepare the body for digestion later on.

7. Reduces the Effects of Breastfeeding

Very often, women can suffer from mild skin damage during breastfeeding - this can include chapping, cracking or pain around the nipples. Alleviate the symptoms by rubbing some mint oil (combined with a carrier oil, such as olive oil) around the area to soothe the pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also heal the damage. 

8. Promotes Weight Loss

The digestive enzymes found in mint can promote a more consistent, properly functioning metabolism, which in turn can lead to weight loss and an overall healthier physique. 

9. Boosts Mood and Fatigue

Mint is a stimulant that can help recharge brain function. The menthol found in mint is also known to have a calming, soothing effect on the body and mind. To reap the benefits, take sips of mint tea or inhale its scent to help you feel calm and less agitated. 
Source - Illustrations by Tayra Lucero for LittleThings
Cover image by depositphotos.com
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