Always Feeling Bloated? Try These Natural Diuretics!

There are few things in life as frustrating as a bloated belly when you’re working out and sticking to a healthy diet. Even though you might be doing all the right things, feeling the way you want to feel might be less about cutting things out and, well, adding things in. So, if you have already tried cutting out salt, gluten, and soda, and you still have a bloated stomach, you should try some of these doctor-recommended natural diuretics. They all help to boost gut health while getting rid of excess fluid.
1. Watermelon

There are few things as refreshing as a nice piece of ice cold watermelon – and for good reason, since its 92% water. “Although this fruit does have a lot of natural sugar, it’s a healthy choice that stimulates urination with the nutrients it houses,” says NYC physical therapist Dr. Karena Wu. However, due to its high water content, watermelon works best eaten as it is; most juices and popsicles that you can find – even the so-called natural ones – will be full of added sugars.

2. Asparagus

Everyone knows that distinct smell your urine gets after consuming asparagus. It happens fast, which goes to show that this vegetable is a great diuretic. This odor is caused by a compound called mercaptan, which releases odorous byproducts when broken down by the digestive system.

3. Lemons

There’s a good reason why many wellness experts swear by starting their day off with a cup of hot water and a squeeze of lemon. Dr. Wu says that “not only are lemons fantastic for helping flush the system of excess water, they are known to help rid the body of toxins.”

4. Water

One of the most overlooked ways to fight fluid retention is by upping your water intake. Water helps to move things along and keeps the body hydrated. When our bodies are hydrated, it doesn’t need to hold onto excess fluid.

5. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are great to use as diuretics because they’re naturally hydrating. Dr. Wu says that “they quickly work to help shed the body of excess water since they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, in addition to its high water content.”

6. Dandelion Leaves

These leaves contain minerals, vitamins, and other compounds that work to encourage healthy fluid levels and stimulate healthy urinary flow. These greens are quite bitter, so it’s best to pair them with something sweet like honey lemon dressing.


7. Celery

Nutritionists often recommend celery to those looking to lose weight because it’s low in calories, contains a lot of fiber, and has a high water content – which means your body will be efficiently flushed out. Better still, it’s a versatile vegetable that works just as well in a soup or dipped in some hummus.

8. Mint Tea

Mint is commonly added to salads, juices and smoothies that can be found at health food stores – and for good reason. The plant works to naturally treat fluid retention while boosting digestion. If you feel bloated after a big meal, pour hot water over some mint leaves and let it steep for 5-10 minutes.

9. Ginger

Ginger is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories because it helps to flush out excess fluids. Simply add some to your tea or salad, or chop it up and use it in the dressing for whatever protein you’re cooking for dinner.

10. Peaches

Peaches can be a very effective diuretic when eaten as they are or added to smoothies and salads. If you find that you’re having issues going to the bathroom, eat a handful of peaches.

11. Pineapples

This yummy fruit is high in digestive enzymes and is a natural diuretic. They are a versatile diuretic as you can eat them as they are, juice them, or add to smoothies.

12. Kale

High in water and nutrients, kale helps to get rid of fluid retention. Kale can be added to soups, salads, smoothies, stir-fry dishes, or juiced.


Source: eatthis
Images: depositphotos

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