This One-Ingredient Juice Can Make a Change To Your Health

Beetroot has become a very popular nutritional ingredient lately, which can completely be explained by the scientific findings pointing at its capability to lower blood pressure and inflammation levels in the body. And these are only 2 of the numerous health benefits of this colorful root vegetable, which we will discuss in this article.
The health claims are only half of the story, however, as beetroot is a plentiful source of many essential vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin C, calcium, folate, magnesium, and zinc, just to name a few. One can reap the benefits of beetroots by either adding it to foods, or by simply drinking a glass of beetroot juice.
beetroot juice beetroot juice
This bright-colored juice can be easily mixed into smoothies and other fruit and vegetable juices, which make it a very easy way to incorporate beets into your diet. Now let’s finally move on to the health benefits of beetroot juice:

1. Beetroot Juice can Lower Blood Pressure

beetroot juice Blood Pressure
One of the most outstanding findings about beetroots is their proven capability to lower blood pressure. In several studies, participants with hypertension who drank beetroot juice had a lower blood pressure than the controls.
This is most likely due to the fact that the root vegetable naturally contains large quantities or nitrates, which, when converted into nitric oxide in our body, can improve the blood flow through the blood vessels by dilating them. In addition, beets have a lot of copper and magnesium, both of which promote cardiovascular health.

2. Drink Beet Juice to Get More out of Your Exercise

beetroot juice Exercise
Beetroot juice can not only help you deal with a health condition that is bothering you, it can also boost your athletic performance. Such compounds, as nitrates and betalains may increase blood circulation and make sure more oxygen is getting to your muscles, which can be very beneficial for making exercises less burdensome and increasing their efficiency.
In a 2018 research paper, cyclists who drank beetroot concentrate for only 1 week significantly improved their performance during exercise. The antioxidants and phytochemicals in beetroot, too, may improve your energy levels.

3. Prevent Anemia by Drinking Beetroot Juice

beetroot juice Prevent Anemia
Beetroots are one of the best sources of iron, which is essential for producing red blood cells. When a person is consistently consuming less iron than they should, their red blood cells can no longer bring oxygen to the different parts of your body. This can lead to the development of a condition that’s called iron deficiency anemia.
If you want to learn about the symptoms of this condition, follow this link. Usually, you can prevent and reverse the development of this type of anemia by consuming plenty of iron-rich foods, and beetroot juice is a great example of such food.
On top of that, beets also contain vitamin B6, which enables the creation of hemoglobin, the protein in the red blood cells that carries oxygen. Usually, the more iron-rich foods you consume, the more vitamin B6 you need to make hemoglobin, and beetroot juice can provide you with both.

4. Protect Your Liver from Damage with a Daily Dose of Beetroot Juice

beetroot juice liver
The liver is one of the first organs to suffer from an unhealthy diet, so protecting it from damage and promoting its health is super important. Beetroot juice is very rich in antioxidants, vitamin B-6, vitamin A, as well as iron.
A cocktail of all of the these compounds is known to help shield the liver from oxidative stress, as well as inflammation. Apart from that, beetroot juice may boost the liver’s ability to remove toxins from your body, too.

5. No More Inflammation Thanks to Beetroot Juice

beetroot juice inflammation
Yet another remarkable feature of this root vegetable lies in its ability to lower the level of inflammation in the body.
Studies suggest that anti-inflammatory compounds in beetroot juice called betalains may significantly decrease the activity of inflammatory enzymes.
Apart from that, beetroots contain a lot of phytochemicals, which are known to stimulate the immune system, reduce the effects of oxidative stress and minimize the levels of inflammation in the body.
If you got inspired by this article and you are looking for ways to incorporate beet juice or beets into your diet, look no further than check our superjuice recipe and a whole article about food ideas using beets.
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