10 Important Benefits of Yogurt You May Not Know of...

Yogurt is a great food to consume. It helps with digestion, gives us a good energetic feeling and tastes wonderful. But not many people know that it has many other benefits. After reading all of the below, I'm sure you'll start acting like me and do your best to eat one cup of yogurt every day or two.
1. Protects your teeth
The lactic acid in yogurt has a positive and protective effect on your gums and teeth. It can help keep your teeth healthy and pretty and overcome the damage done by other foods and drinks, most commonly - coffee. It's important to note that although it contains sugar, yogurt has no harmful effect on the enamel of your teeth.

2. Reduces allergy symptoms
Those of us with seasonal allergies know how hard it can be to do anything once the symptoms start to appear, but a cup of yogurt might be an easy fix to this problem. The probiotics found in yogurt may decrease your body’s reaction to pollen and other allergens, minimizing your allergic reaction.

3. Great pre or post workout snack
Yogurt is rich in carbohydrates that can either help re-fuel you throughout your workout, or replace the energy lost after you are done. The potassium and sodium found in it can also help replace those electrolytes you sweat out and keep you feeling fresh even after a hard workout.

4. Fights the common cold
The common cold will always be there, not much you can do about it. But there's still hope for preventing it in time. Research proved that yogurt can strengthen your immune system, making your T-cells stronger and more active. They are more prone to beat the sickness out of you before it drags on too long.

5. Prevents yeast infections
If you are given a prescription for antibiotics, you might want to consider yogurt to protect yourself. Using antibiotics usually raises the chances of yeast infections and the yogurt’s active cultures can help balance pH levels and prevent this uncomfortable problem.

6. Reduces the risk of high blood pressure
A recent study, conducted over the course of 15 years, revealed that 30% of volunteers that took at least 2% of their daily calorie intake from yogurt, were less likely to develop high blood pressure. That's only from 2%.

7. Helps prevent osteoporosis
All milk and dairy products are in general a great source of calcium and help build healthy bones. Look for yogurts with added vitamin D for greater help in keeping your bones strong and healthy.

8. A great source of energy
Aside from the energy provided by the carbohydrates in yogurt, it also contains B vitamins which are just what your body needs when you feel like you could use a little pick-me-up.

9. Builds muscle
Yogurt contains all of the essential amino acids necessary to build muscle and other tissues in the body. It is a complete protein, which means it is also a welcome addition to your diet as they support all the necessary biological functions of the human body.

10. Helps you lose weight
As stated in the last point, Yogurt helps build muscle and this means that it helps burn fat. The high amounts of protein will also help you stay fuller for longer periods of time while reducing your need for snacks and unhealthy foods. 


So now that you know all of these amazing facts about yogurt, it's time to go out there and get some!

But what kind of yogurt should you get? 

1 - Greek yogurt is a preferred kind, it is generally higher in protein and lower in sugar than other natural options.

2 - You should also look for yogurt with live or active cultures, they are what improve the good bacteria in your gut.

3 - Lastly, keep an eye open on the sugar content in your yogurt. Many kinds of yogurt contain added sugars and artificial sweeteners that you do not want. Stick to 12-18 grams of natural sugar per serving and you're free to sit back and peacefully enjoy a cup of the good stuff!

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