You Won’t Believe the Health Benefits of This Tiny Fruit!

Energy, vitality, alertness, and a pain-free existence - what more do we need in our daily lives? Not too much, if you ask us. The problem is that it is not always easy to feel these things since daily fatigue and worries constantly plague us. But what if we told you that there is a simple natural solution that can bring relief and peace to your life along with a large stock of energy and plenty of vitality?


You might be quick to disbelieve, but there actually is such a thing and it’s called Guarana - a wonderful tropical fruit, with unique medicinal and health qualities. We invite you to learn more about this intriguing and exotic fruit, and about 9 of its qualities that can do wonders for your body.

What is Guarana?

This small, sweet fruit comes from the Amazon rainforest and contains innumerable natural components that have a plethora of positive effects on our bodies. The local natives, descendants of the ancient tribes that lived close to the forest for many years, have known of its benefits for a long time, and they used it to make a tea infusion to heal the body and lift the spirit.

In Brazil, guarana is a particularly popular fruit, and it is customary to use it in carbonated soft drinks, and even to turn it into pills which are taken before the annual Brazilian Carnival to maintain strength throughout the celebration. Both Guarana infusions and pills can be found in health and wellness stores. To avoid problems, it is not recommended to use Guarana products if you have a caffeine sensitivity, if you are taking stimulants or thinners, or if you are pregnant.

Recommended Dosage:
Pills: 4-5 grams a day
Tea: 1-3 cups a day


9 Health Benefits of Guarana

1. Natural source of energy

One of the most important advantages of Guarana lies in its ability to provide the body with large amounts of energy naturally. This is due to the fact that the main active ingredient in Guarana is caffeine, which is found at even higher concentrations than in coffee beans (2-4.5% in Guarana versus 1-2% in coffee beans). In a study conducted at the University of Tasmania, it was found that while one cup of coffee provides our body with energy for a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes, followed by a rapid drop, Guarana intake provides the body with no less than 150 minutes of continuous energy! This makes the Guarana a recommended natural stimulant, enabling you to enjoy a stable and long-term energy supply.

2. Helps to lose weight

Guarana not only provides a vital boost to our physical and mental abilities and increases body energy levels, it also contributes to weight loss. Eating the fruit encourages the body's nervous system to activate the lymphocytes - the natural process by which fats are released into the bloodstream and transformed into energy that allows us to perform physical actions.

In a 2001 study involving two groups of overweight subjects, the group treated with a blend of Guarana extract was able to lose a more significant amount of weight when compared to the placebo group. In addition, the fruit is also known for its hunger-inhibiting properties, as the use of Guarana tea to reduce appetite and reduce the desire to eat is known among various South American tribes.


3. Natural remedy for dealing with stress, tension, and anxiety

Beyond all the wonders that have been noted so far, Guarana also calms the body and reduces tension, stress, and anxiety. Regular intake of Guarana extract may help you reduce your stress levels and improve your mood. Caffeine, which is found among the active ingredients in the fruit, helps to impart a good and pleasant feeling to the body, and beyond the physical alertness it provides, it also helps to achieve relief and relaxation from daily worries.

4. Strengthens brain activity

Every one of us needs something to stimulate our minds and focus our thoughts - whether it is to get through a long day's work full of meetings or to stay alert while dealing with something important. In order to achieve this mental arousal, Guarana can work wonders. As you have already learned, it contains a variety of active substances that work together not only to improve our body but also our brain helping us remain alert and focused in every situation. In addition, this fruit has unique qualities in improving blood circulation, which can help us avoid migraines or headaches.


5. Helps the digestive system

Guarana intake may strengthen and improve bowel movement, which can be very helpful for those with constipation. Guarana is also effective in treating other digestive problems, such as diarrhea and gas, and also cleans the system of various toxins and speeds up the production of essential digestive juices.


6. Stimulates sex drive and contributes to the quality of sex life

Sexual desire and arousal are some of the most important things in relationships, and if they are diminished, Guarana can certainly help spice up your sex life and even revive it. The presence of high-dose caffeine in the fruit and its ability to raise alertness - mentally and physically - makes it a natural and effective stimulant, which can help you to restore desire and sexuality in your life.


7. Relieves pain naturally

In addition to all the benefits we have mentioned so far, Guarana is also known as a natural analgesic that can rapidly soothe the effects of pain on the body after an injury or illness. Guarana is also effective for women with severe menstrual pain, as it helps regulate, and sometimes prevent, acute menstrual symptoms as well as PMS. Even women who do not have these symptoms of pain, but feel more exhausted and stressed during their cycle, are recommended to take Guarana to increase their energy levels and feel better overall, both mentally and physically.

8. Prevents heart problems and other serious illnesses

Guarana contains more antioxidants than those found in green tea, which is considered to be particularly healthy - and it certainly shows that it has significant properties in the prevention of serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes and a host of problems and complications related to heart activity. One of Guarana's main ingredients, catechin, helps significantly reduce oxidative stress and helps our immune system prevent various infections, age-related deterioration, and blood clots.


9. Contributes to skin health

We might experience quite a few types of nuisances on our skin due to daily exposure to sun and polluted air, but the use of tropical guarana helps to prevent these afflictions and improve overall skin appearance. The active ingredients in the fruit block the development of various skin infections and reduce the risk of developing acne. In addition, the fruit extract can be used as a moisturizer to help restore skin and restore shine and radiance to this area of the body.
image source: Geoff Gallice
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